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One of the world’s most exclusive and prestigious coaches shares strategies for success

If you want to be successful at anything in life, you need to work with R. G. Conyngham and Associates. They’ve rapidly risen to become the world’s most exclusive and prestigious personal development and crisis management practice.

Amongst their first clients were A-List Hollywood royalty and titans of the global business world.

For nearly a decade, appointments were by referral only, you would have to know someone in order to have a chance at getting an appointment. Recently you can ‘request an appointment’ on their website, appointment by invitation:

We talk with founding president Rosamund G. Conyngham about her global practice and strategies for achieving success.

The founding president Rosamund G. Conyngham

1. Why is R. G. Conyngham and Associates so incredibly sought after on a global scale?

We offer something completely new. I believe R. G. Conyngham and Associates is the first of its kind. Before I created my practice I was in shock to see no other coach in the world offered what we do at such a high calibre, since, I have held onto a passion for delivering the highest standard of personal development and crisis management as close to the time my clients need it as possible. Our clients and private members love that they have the luxury of 24/7 support at their preferred location, and coaching or counsel in highly specialised expert fields of research.

2. Is it hard when clients/private members ask for urgent help?

When I receive calls from some of Hollywood’s top actors asking for help because they are experiencing anxiety or need to resolve an interpersonal conflict fast, and I’m in London…I leave on the next flight out.

At all hours, from all over the world, from our clients to our prospective clients we receive calls every single day asking for our help. This year alone I have received over 20 emergency calls and have flown out to every one of them.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to offer this kind of support. My clients have proven they need this 24/7 immediate support, whether its emotional breakdowns at home with their family, conflicts at work, on tour and they get extreme anxiety, they call, and I’m there.

Although it must be mentioned that not all of my clients need me for crisis management. A lot of them are doing really well and want to achieve more, gain more momentum, success, that extra edge and strategy at work or in their personal life, setting them apart from the average and ordinary.

R. G. Conyngham and Associates is a one-of-a-kind coaching and advisory practice, specialising in personal development and crisis management for matters concerning personal and interpersonal conflict

3. Why is the concept of success essential for leaders, and what makes a great leader?

Being a leader is hard, if you don’t have the correct combination of wisdom, knowledge, tools, techniques, strategies, skills and insight into who you are fully, then you won’t be able to competently be effective in your intentions of being a great leader.

To be an extraordinary leader, one must acknowledge that it’s not about the external outcome alone. It is not just a specific skill or a particular internal strength. It has to be a solid identity you believe is yours. You must be able to visualise it and refer back to it as ‘the real me’. Nothing is stronger than your self-image in guiding you toward success.

To me, a leader is an identity, not only exclusive to a traditional professional role either. To be a successful leader and to have an extraordinary life you must choose to practice leadership in all areas of life. It comes down to how well equipped you are to interact and respond to yourself, to life experiences and to others.

4. Do you have any advice on achieving the ultimate success?

Never stop; ensure you reach a place of peaceful contentment within. Never stop growing and expanding your potential to be great; it allows you to spread greatness to all around you.

Make it an intention, not a goal. Goals have a final destination and are conditional. Intentions are continuous and eternal, and they become part of your character not just your external environment. Of course goal setting is key, but seeing yourself as a successful person no mater what, that’s when you win at life.

Identify which areas of life, and which of your roles, and activities you find most meaningful and from there focus on enriching the quality of your experience within them.

When you are the best, most limitless you that you can be, nothing, no unforeseeable external circumstances or events can sway you. You win every time.

Clients and private members receive comprehensive strategic counsel and coaching addressing their personal capabilities, in turn furthering their professional identity and careers

5. How does ‘self-mastery’ allow for success?

Most often I’ve seen my clients begin to pursue self-mastery through personal development only after a crisis or conflict has arisen. Although it is wise to pursue this path and healthy to respond with such positive motivation, it is even more sensible to seek to set a strong foundation within yourself before a period of hardship presents itself.

Self-mastery refers to reaching a place where you are well oriented from within, you are no longer and will never be your own enemy or obstacle. You will set yourself free to strategically and successfully manoeuvre around any unfavourable external force that comes your way.

6. What are the research areas that inform your practice?

As a behavioural scientist and crisis manager, I place great value on my research in areas of wellness, psychology, behavioural sciences et cetera. However, educating myself on the psychology and conduct of coaching itself is an essential part of my professional development which raises the quality of my coaching and counsel.

I actually have so much gratitude for my academic background and professional training as a clinical healthcare practitioner working in the NHS, and for receiving an education in Oxford/London.

My background has taught me a lot and was a catalyst for me when establishing my practice.

7. Are ethics important to you and what informs your practice?

To conduct myself in an ethical manner which has goodness at its core is incredibly important for me. I follow a code of conduct and ethics not only in my practice but in my personal life. They are what guide my behaviour every single day. I believe that we have great value within us, but it is our own actions that establish an expression of that value, into reality.

8. What is the one common trait amongst your clients/private members?

The one common trait I see in all of my clients is their passion and love for life. They all show me that they have an unbreakable will, they never give up!

Our clients always reach that place of alignment, balance, confidence and strength very fast.

R. G. Conyngham and Associates help to provide the perfect path for men and women to reach their dreams, and to fulfil their potential.

9. Any final words of wisdom on reaching success and happiness?

To seek help from a coach and a mentor, someone who can provide top expert strategy and insight, perhaps bringing into awareness things you may not be able to see yourself.

Never allow negativity to overcome you, never allow the hardships of life to overcome you. Orient yourself from within to be the best version of yourself.

10. Who can book an appointment with you?

Anyone who wants to enhance their wellbeing, enrich their relationships and protect their reputation. If you wish to live as the best version of yourself and raise the quality of your life, both personally or professionally in every area, I’d say we can help you achieve any goal.

We currently work within UK, Europe, U.S.A and Canada.

To request an appointment, visit: