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OurRemedy CBD: The answer for pain-free periods?

By Melanie Kruger  |  August 20, 2020

CBD oil has been making waves in the health and wellness world in recent years. This all-natural tincture, which is a derivative of the marijuana plant – but does not contain any of the psycho-active ingredients that can make you feel ‘high’ – has long been touted as the cure-all when it comes to the likes of depression, anxiety, inflammation and a range of other health issues – but has received particular acclaim for its ability to treat and reduce chronic pain.

From back-aches to fibromyalgia, this wondrous substance requires just a couple of drops under the tongue to get to work, and is fast making its way onto the essentials list for anyone suffering from relentless pain.

One type of pain you perhaps haven’t heard so much about in relation to CBD, however, is the kind associated with periods. Many women suffer from unbearable cramps thanks to their monthly cycle, resulting in missed gym sessions, days off work, and frankly, all-round misery.

But new ethical CBD brand on the block, OurRemedy – created by women, for women – wants to change all that, and help females to finally go pain free.

OurRemedy CBD

Founder Rachel Mason has experienced a range of women’s problems in her time, and it was her own personal experiences that led her to come up with a solution.

“I’ve suffered from various women’s issues for years, and have had multiple procedures and surgeries – ranging from fertility tests to removing cancerous cells found on my ovaries. You can read about my experience of a laparotomy here.
“I started using CBD a few years ago and found it really helped with my sleep and anxiety but it had a really earthy taste and I didn’t enjoy it at all. I would avoid taking it and find myself slipping back into bad sleeping habits.
“I realised CBD could help with so many other problems women go through every month that might be linked to their period.”

She’s not wrong; thanks to the combination of flavours – which combine peppermint oil with clary sage – gone is the usual earthy taste, and in its place is a pleasant and refreshing oil that is a whole lot nicer to take.

OurRemedy CBD

OurRemedy isn’t just about the pain itself – but all of the symptoms that come with it, too. From mood swings to crippling anxiety and low mood, the chances are that we’ve all experienced them at some point – so could this little bottle be the answer?

Created by a team of women who have themselves suffered from painful periods, endometriosis and all the joyous things that come with them, OurRemedy is an organic, vegan oil comprising a unique blend of grapeseed – as well as the aforementioned essential oils, soothing clary sage and peppermint.

Formulated in the UK and beautifully packaged using sustainable, recyclable materials, it’s a brand that those who are both eco and socially-conscious will love. Plastic-free refills are available, with a £5 product incentive for bringing yours back, and for each bottle sold, the brand donates compostable sanitary products to Bloody Good Period – the leading period poverty charity.

“I am incredibly passionate about our environment,” explains Rachel. “Which is why you’ll only ever find Our Remedy bottled in recycled packaging and printed with soy ink – and also why we are the first and only CBD company in the UK to offer plastic free re-fills.

OurRemedy CBD

“Self-care is important, but that doesn’t mean it has to be selfish care. One in four women miss work due to period poverty, so we’re helping out. When you buy OurRemedy, you’re helping, too” – which is a win-win, in our book.

It all sounds pretty promising – so does the science back it up?

Well, despite there currently being no published studies on the usage of CBD oil specifically for the relief of period pain, its anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects have been well assessed in recent years, and shown to be effective. And, combined with essential oils that have long been turned to for their soothing and relaxing effects, OurRemedy is the ultimate treatment for cramps, bloating, mood swings – and even compulsive eating – combined.

Peppermint, in particular, is widely-known for its muscle-relaxing benefits, making it the perfect partner for CBD in this unique new blend. We, for one, will be adding it to our essentials drawer – and you can be sure we’ll be dipping into it eagerly each and every month.