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Rest and recovery: Why muscle recovery equipment is the investment you won’t regret

By LLM Reporters  |  September 4, 2020
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We are all regularly informed about how we should be exercising in order to keep ourselves healthy, but we’re often left in the dark about what to do after the event, leaving ourselves open to all kinds of exercise related injuries. We’ve all started that exercise class or headed to the gym and spent a good hour putting everything into it only to feel utterly exhausted and sometimes barely able to stand the next day, but rather than giving up there are ways in which you can avoid this happening.

There is no doubt that exercise brings with it a multitude of benefits, from managing weight to reducing the risk of developing a chronic condition such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke as well as improving our moods, aiding in better sleep and giving us a boost of energy. Whatever form of exercise you partake in throughout the week, whether it’s high intensity interval training, spin classes, yoga or simply walking or cycling to work and back each day, the importance of rest, recovery, and muscle recovery is paramount.

The total UK fitness market has just over 6,700 gyms and an overall penetration rate of 14.9%

Workouts aside, we use our bodies in differing ways on daily basis without even thinking about it, from partaking in chores around the home to pottering about in the garden to heading out to meet a friend for coffee and all of those endeavours in between that keep us moving.

Over time, problems can arise from all of this strenuous activity and if we don’t allow our bodies to recover sufficiently then this can lead to other types of problems. More common exercise related injuries include muscle pull and strain, knee, wrist, shoulder and ankle injuries and tendinitis, and while these are all unwanted issues, it doesn’t mean that eradicating exercise is the solution. Far from it, as mentioned above we need to stay active throughout our lives in order to fend off those nasty health conditions and keep our mental health in a robust state.

Contrary to popular belief, muscle recovery is important for everyone, not just professional athletes

So, how do we keep those injuries at bay but allow ourselves to live active lives? We’ve said it before: rest, recovery and muscle recovery. Planning in recovery time within any training programme is key as it will allow time for the body to adapt to the stress on your body that is caused by exercise, while replenishing energy stores and repairing damaged tissues. Recovery time is also when the real training effect takes place so factoring this in should be a no-brainer.

On top of this, allowing your body to recover by using muscle recovery items are the best aid for tired muscles following strenuous activity. For those who workout, or even those who suffer with conditions such as arthritis and sciatica, muscle recovery equipment is extremely beneficial as it eases any inflammation, increases blood flow, and flushes away lactic acid. Using high-end muscle recovery equipment such as those created by Pulseroll as part of your recovery routine to boost the condition of your muscles is almost more important than the workout itself. The tools can be used before and after exercising and they work by aiding in increased blood flow, which in turn helps your muscles repair themselves faster.

The Pulseroll massage gun is ideal for warming up tight muscles or for cooling them down after training

If you’re wondering where to start, then Pulseroll have an applaudable selection of tools designed to help your body recover properly after a workout or to use if you have aching muscles that need some relief. We particularly like the Pulseroll massage gun, which is ideal for warming up tight muscles or for cooling them down after training, it only takes a few minutes and the small device can be taken to the gym, work or be used at home. All of the brand’s products are approved and used by professional athletes and physiotherapists and the gun has four speed settings to provide rapid pulses to massage muscles, which works effectively in soothing those hard-worked areas.

Other products include the vibrating foam roller and the pro version, which can also be used anywhere on the body, pre- or post-workout, to provide welcome relief. You need never spend money with the physio again when you have these useful products to hand, so bear this in mind the next time you start that new exercise class or pack your bag for the gym.