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Spa Review: Ella di Rocco Wellness Medispa, Chelsea in London

Words by Lorelle Williams

With a growing trend towards the use of natural ingredients and more spas trying to cater to an equal male and female clientele, alcohol-themed services are popping up on the treatment menus of more and more spas around the world.

On Fulham Road in London’s SW10 is the UK’s first wine therapy spa, Ella di Rocco. Founded by Italian implantologist and maxillofacial surgeon Dr Anna Brilli and her daughter Sonia in January 2018, this medispa is the first of its kind, offering non-invasive treatments that focus on nurturing the body, mind and spirit as much as they focus on the cosmetic result.

The polyphenol in grapes has been found to stimulate circulation and detoxify the skin, leaving it hydrated and rejuvenated. It is not surprising, then, that vino therapy has been coined ‘the elixir of youth’.

Ella di Rocco Wellness Medispa is the UK’s first wine therapy spa

Cleopatra was clearly on to something when she bathed in tubs of wine over 2,000 years ago. Ella di Rocco encourages you to follow in Cleopatra’s footsteps by offering a range of vino therapy treatments, including The Merlot Body Scrub, The Merlot and Honey Body Wrap and the Sangiovese Bath, to name just a few.

Other therapeutic treatments are on offer at Ella di Rocco include osteopathy, Qi energy treatments and body diagnostics, but I visited this unique medispa to try out one of its bespoke facial treatments. After cleaning my face to remove any makeup and asking me about my skin concerns, the therapist examined my skin to determine which products and machines would give the best results to reduce my pigmentation, brighten my complexion and give me a more even tone overall.

The treatment started with glycolic acid. This was painted on with a brush then, using a cotton swap, the therapist rubbed the glycolic acid into my skin in mini circular motions to keep the tingling to a minimum and to help the acid penetrate deeper.

The medispa offers a wide range of treatments including osteopathy and Qi energy treatments

The glycolic acid was washed off and the oxygen machine was switched on. This blasted bursts of pure oxygen directly into my skin to brighten it. Living in a city can flood the skin with toxins and age skin cells prematurely; the oxygen machine replaces these toxins and CO2 with pure oxygen to revitalise the cells.

Next, hyaluronic acid was massaged into my face and neck. This helps skin cells retain water so the face appears more hydrated. The hyaluronic acid was penetrated into the deeper layers of my skin using LED light therapy and heat.

Following the treatment my skin looked like glass. The next morning the acne scars on my cheeks were noticeably reduced and the skin itself was plumper.

Address: 307 Fulham Rd, Chelsea, London, SW10 9QH
Phone: 020 7352 3575