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The 4 biggest health trends we expect to see in 2020

By Adrianna Johns on 11th November 2019

With just over a month left of 2019, the new year is rapidly approaching and will soon be introducing us to a range of health trends, but which ones will be worth our time?

In 2019 the health industry introduced us to innovative ways of maintaining balanced and healthy lifestyles, and we can rest assured that many of these popular trends will follow us into 2020.

From a continuous rise in probiotic consumption and an emphasis on sustainable foods to authentic wellness experiences and CBD’s, health trends have become varied and far more accessible than ever before, thereby we expect this to continue in the new year.

Considering that the world changes at a rapid pace, predicting specific trends can be quite challenging. However, we have listed the four health trends that will assuredly be making an appearance or continuing to rise in popularity.

The use of CBD

Thought to offer a raft of potential health benefits, CBD oil, which is a derivative of hemp, is already recommended for reducing pain, soothing anxiety and protecting the immune system

Easily becoming one of the most popular wellness products of the year, CBD has swiftly established itself as a staple in the health industry, therefore it is safe to say that this innovative oil will be welcoming us in the new year.

Available in a range of forms — vaping, tinctures, capsules or edibles — this ‘miraculous elixir’ is extracted from the stalk, stems, leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, which contains high amounts of actively therapeutic cannabinoids.

Entirely legal in the UK, scientists have proven that this oil has a wide range of therapeutical properties that can offer relief for victims suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to Multiple Sclerosis, and general pain and anxiety — perhaps you may need it to simply relax the mind and body from daily stresses.

The usage of CBD in skincare will continue to rise in popularity in the new year, as high-street and premium brands are utilising the ingredient far more frequently than before to help acne sufferers calm their skin, ease redness and aid in cell renewal — worth a try.

Regardless of whether you need to alleviate pain or improve your skin if you wish to try this trend then choose trustworthy brands like Nature & Bloom, as they offer premium CBD oils that are ‘organic, 100% natural and fully lab tested to ensure their supremacy’.

2. The need for virtual wellness

BANGKOK ,THAILAND - January 9, 2018 : women holding smartphone on the Health app screen on iPhone 6. is an application for iOS 11 which monitor the fitness data of the user.
Virtual wellness is an alternative way to practice physical and mental wellbeing within the comfort of your home. Image credit: porover/

As the years go by, there seems to be a need for wellness alternatives that are away from the traditional studios or sessions. Due to this, we predict that there will be a rise in popularity for ‘virtual wellness’.

Virtual wellness is an alternative way to practice physical and mental wellbeing within the comfort of your home. No longer will an excuse suffice, as a range of interactive options will be easily accessible.

From cheaper options like meditation apps, youtube classes and wellbeing journals to pricier alternatives such as at-home studio cycling and interactive mirrors — showcasing yoga, boxing, barre and cardio — there seems to be an option for everyone to try and enjoy.

Due to increasingly busier lifestyles, people want to have a workout that aligns with the flexibility of their daily routines, whether it is a few minutes every day practising mental wellness or several hours a week at home interacting with a class — whatever it is, expect to see more of it in 2020.

3. A new kind of wellness retreats

Six Senses hotel and spa in Portugal is set high in the hills overlooking Douro Valley

Wellness seems to be at the forefront of our minds, so it’s of no surprise that wellness retreats will continue their rise in popularity. However, expect to see an emphasis on ‘transformational travel’, as health seekers want more from their experiences.

Technological advancements have allowed us to disconnect our minds from our bodies and the natural world. Although, according to the Global Wellness Institute, the business of wellbeing is now more than three times larger than the pharmaceutical industry, therefore it is clear that we are making a conscious effort to improve our health and wellbeing.

It is this conscious effort that has us travelling beyond traditional treatment rooms, to find authentic indigenous experiences that will truly help us transform and detox our body and mind.

This shift towards the need for deep connections, self-examination and spiritual re-engagement will lead us towards more extravagant retreats where we can reconnect with our natural environments and have an enlightening experience worth our money and time.

4. Non-alcoholic alternatives

Mocktails offer all the sophistication of cocktails without the liquor

As this generation moves towards a healthier lifestyle, it seems that more non-alcoholic beverages will be available — rest assured that 2020 will see a rise in ‘zero-proof drinks’.

Supermarkets throughout the UK seem to be catching on to this growing trend and have begun stocking up on a wide range of alcohol-free beer, wine and spirits, whilst bars have lengthened their menus for ‘mocktails’ to appease their customer’s wishes.

Drinking non-alcoholic drinks will have a range of benefits, including an improvement in your skin and waking up without a hangover, so it will be worth testing if you haven’t tried this growing trend already.