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The key men’s health and fitness trends for 2019

By LLM Reporters on 9th February 2019

With the new year now well underway, health and fitness fanatics may be wondering how the landscape is set to change over the next 12 months; will you still be eating and working out in the same way come 2020, or could the latest trends to be set to mix things up and change your approach to your workouts forever?

As with every year, there are bound to be certain fads that come and go, but with the health and fitness industry continuously gaining momentum and new scientific research and technology forever influencing the way we approach and measure a healthy lifestyle, some of the trends we see this year could be here to stay for the long-haul.

From virtual reality fitness to wearable tech, the latest enhancement supplement to the workouts to watch, we’ve rounded up our pick of the top men’s health and fitness trends set to sweep the nation over the coming months. Here are the seven that should be on your radar.

VR Fitness

Perhaps one of the least surprising and most exciting trends we can expect to see gather pace in 2019 is virtual reality fitness. It may sound futuristic, but it’s here right now – and, already adopted by over 12,000 health clubs worldwide, its set to hit mainstream gym chains across the UK over the coming months.

Fancy trying it sooner rather than later? Head to Les Mills’ immersive cycling class, the Trip, where a cinema screen will teleport you into beautiful, computer-generated landscapes where the rain never falls and the sun always shines. It’s the perfect way to get some ‘outdoor exercise’ in winter, without that dreaded chill factor.

Men are now spending increasing amounts of money on looking good


Men’s fitness supplements are nothing out of the ordinary, but for those in need of a little enhancement in the bedroom, Vimax offers a welcome solution.

As one of the most popular male enhancement supplements currently available in the UK market, Vimax pills are carefully formulated using the finest natural ingredients and designed to help boost your intimate performance from the comfort of your own home. This high-strength formula is packed with ginseng and gingko biloba, and use is discrete and easy. Promising increased confidence in the bedroom and benefits to your stamina, drive and stimulation, 2019 could well be the year you achieve that happy and fulfilling intimate life.

Wellness Communities

Designed with residents’ health in mind, wellness communities are set to take centre stage in 2019, providing solid foundation for healthier living before you even think about getting as far as the gym.

As part of the NHS programme ‘New Healthy Towns’, which launched back in 2015, the new communities will provide modern health services and a healthy physical environment on sites across the UK where new housing is being delivered, in a bid to address the increasing number of people who are living longer and potentially in poorer health. Homes within these areas will be designed to promote wellbeing and enable independence – making them a great place to live if you’re the health-conscious type.

Fitbits and Apple Watches are by no means anything new, but technology companies are now tapping into the demand for data and combining it with athleisure

Wearable tech garments

Fitbits and Apple Watches are by no means anything new, but technology companies are now tapping into the demand for data and combining it with athleisure. That’s right; in 2019, you can expect to swap that fitness watch for a fitness shirt – with its own device stitched in and designer to measure even the smallest movements for the most accurate ever readings.

Catapult, which supplies tech to Premier League sides, has teamed with sportswear brand Castore to create vest tracker PLAYR, which links to an app that maps all your statistics as you move. Whilst this type of garment may not have gone mainstream just yet, that’s all set to change over the next twelve months – watch this space, because this one is going to be exciting.

Quality sleep

We all know the importance of getting a good night’s shut-eye, and how failing to do so on a regular basis could seriously impact both your physical and mental health. But did you know that failing to get those eight hours in could also be having a detrimental effect on your waistline?

There are now various weight-loss programmes that base themselves around sleeping soundly as the impact of failing to do so is put under the microscope. Makers of wearable fitness devices are beginning to take note, too, and are ever upping the ante when it comes to sleep tracking. Fitbit now provides you with a Sleep Score, while last year Apple bought Beddit mattress sensors – so if you’re concerned about the quality of shut-eye you’re getting, then make 2019 the year you put things right.

There are now various weight-loss programmes that base themselves around sleeping soundly as the impact of failing to do so is put under the microscope

Water workouts

If you thought swimming pool workouts were limited to Aquafit, then it’s time to think again. Water-based fitness classes are getting a cool new makeover, and XPT Extreme Pool Training throws some iron into the mix to make for one of the most challenging resistance workouts you’ve ever done. One of the most exclusive classes currently sweeping LA, Virgin Active has taken note and launched its own Hydro class at gyms across the UK.

A great, low-impact alternative to your usual weights and cardio sessions, it’s an effective combination of both. It’s easy on your joints and promises to give you a core of steel, too. We guarantee it’ll soon be making a splash.


One of the latest crazes to hit the fitness world, F45 is the functional 45-minute workout that gets you real results. Based on high-intensity interval training, this Australian import has been taking workouts around the world by storm; expect to see a studio arriving in a city near you soon if you haven’t already, because F45 is going to be big in 2019. With a huge cult following in Australia, 45 outposts per month are currently being opened in the USA – and with plans for over 500 studios in Europe by 2020, there’s no escaping it.