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The most effective health and performance supplements to try in 2019

By Chloe Boston on 14th March 2019

With the start of a new year, there are always ample New Year’s resolutions to get fit, strong and healthy. Within the first two weeks of January, however, those resolutions tend to be long forgotten and the rows of running machines at the gym are once again empty.

But the ‘New You’ isn’t limited only to the New Year, and with the right aids in place, now is as good as any time of year to reach your fitness goals – be they aesthetic, strength, or endurance-related.

One of the most assured methods to achieve your health and fitness objectives is to work with a personal trainer. By training alongside someone who can tailor a fitness plan exactly to your needs, and perhaps offer advice on nutrition too, you will be sure to reach your goals quicker and in a safer way.

Alongside the valuable nutritional information a personal trainer can provide, they may also share crucial intel on how health supplements can support your training efforts. With a multitude of supplements available to consumers now, it can be tricky knowing which type of product is best for you. Luxury Lifestyle Magazine has selected some of the most effective supplements on offer which should be on your radar this year.

Whole-food Multi

A whole-food multi supplement is a vitamin and mineral top up for your body which is completely identical to the essentials found in nature. If you are missing any key vitamins or minerals from your diet, a Whole-Food multi formula will supply these and help to restore peak cell function across the body. A supplement of this type will help to build a superior nutritional foundation, allowing your body to perform better when training and in everyday life. Restoring the foundations of cardiovascular health, metabolic performance, immune system function, bones and joints health, muscle growth and function, hormone levels and the brain and nervous system, the Whole-food Multi is a sensible choice of an everyday supplement which will get your body in top working condition, whether you are training heavily or not.


An energy supplement could be the most suitable option for you if you are seeking overall vitality and a boost to energy levels. Optimising the mitochondria powerhouses that generate cell energy, the supplement enhances overall vitality and also encourages the body to utilise dietary fat and stored fat as the preferred sources of fuel. The Energy supplement is designed for performance. It elevates energy levels without stimulants, and instead supports efficient ATP energy production in cells, supports healthy weight management and superior training results by optimising fat metabolism pathways, and promotes an overall increase in daily vitality with less energy peaks and crashes throughout the day.


Even if you are training to improve your physical fitness, it goes without saying that the mind’s health is just as, if not more, important. To support your brain health as much as your body, try a cognitive enhancer supplement which can support performance-oriented cognitive function such as focus, processing speed, and motivation. A mind supplement can also support mental recovery, reducing the mental burnout effects of stress, multitasking, and overworking. But beyond the two areas of brainpower and recovery, a cognitive supplement also supports healthy brain regeneration and plasticity – both of which are elemental in enhancing memory and your ability to learn whilst maintaining the brain’s structure for long-term health.


It is easy to think that in order to perform at our best we must focus only on our daily diet and activity levels, but supporting our nightly sleeping pattern is just as important to overall health. Containing magnesium, montmorency tart cherry extract, and L-Tryptophan, this sleep supplement helps to calm chemicals in the brain, relax the muscle and nervous system, and promote a healthy circadian rhythm. Taking a sleep supplement routinely can also help to reduce sleep-disruptive muscle spasms and extend regenerative phases of your sleep, meaning nightly regeneration which then allows for peak daytime performance.


The vision supplement from Performance Lab blends core eye health nutrients with vision enhancers to improve performance-related eye function such as focusing speed, motion detection, and reaction time. The eyesight enhancer supports macular pigment, ocular circulation, retinal transmission speed, and long term eye health. The vision supplement also reduces eye fatigue, supports glare resistance and flash recovery by promoting microcirculation to the retina, a must in today’s screen-based world of work and leisure.


Nowadays, digestive issues are becoming more and more common with individuals suffering from gluten and dairy intolerances, allergies, among other problems. The prebiotic boost offers microflora support for the digestive, immune and metabolic health systems by stimulating growth of beneficial Bifidobacterium microflora in the GI tract, whilst contributing to daily soluble fiber intake. The key ingredient is Oligofructose Enriched Inulin, a soluble fiber-based prebiotic sourced from chicory root. This prebiotic selectively nourishes probiotic Bifidobacterium in the colon, and promotes a thriving microbiome with enhanced metabolic, digestive, immune and gut-brain benefits.