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The top 5 health trends we saw in 2019

By Adrianna Johns  |  November 21, 2019

No matter how much we choose to avoid the latest craze, somehow we always tend to open our doors to the newest trends, especially when it focuses on improving our physical health and mental wellness.

Whilst we may have initial doubt about their plausibility, our curiosity and search for eternal youth and happiness drives us to try new foods, natural extracts and exercises in the hope that at least one will work.

2019 saw a wide range of health-related trends that were innovative and wholesome, which is why many will continue to gain worldwide attention throughout 2020. However, as the year draws closer to the end, we ask ourselves one question: which health trends were truly worthwhile?

CBD oils

With approximately six million people in the UK having already tried CBD bought in shops and online, this new craze has become a hallmark trend of 2019.

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol’s, is the non-intoxicating component found within the cannabis plant and has been classed as entirely legal in the UK. This increasingly popular oil is extracted from the stalk, stems, leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, which contains high amounts of actively therapeutic cannabinoids.

It is largely believed that CBD can aid in alleviating the pain of victims suffering from diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons and Diabetes — amongst many others — to help those who are distressed with acne, anxiety, depression and insomnia, therefore there is a wide range of therapeutical properties that can be derived from the consumption of CBD oil.

Regardless of whether you need to try CBD to soothe pain or to relax your body and mind after a long day at work, there are several forms available — vaping, tinctures, capsules or edibles — and Love Hemp CBD Oil, the ‘finest purveyor of cannabidiol (CBD) oils in the UK’ offers a range of products that are worthy of your attention.

Due to the ongoing rise in popularity that CBD has seen throughout 2019, it appears that this up-and-coming natural remedy is offering an alternative to traditional medication and will undoubtedly continue to make headlines in 2020.

Fermented food and drink

A glass jug with fermented baked milk next to a glasses of fermented baked milk on the table. Homemade shortbread cookies.

The fermentation of food and drinks has made a comeback in 2019 throughout western markets, as there is a growing demand for natural products that deliver countless added health benefits to consumers.

2019 has seen a rising need for ‘clean labelling’, as well as a desire to avoid synthetic additives and preservatives, thereby fermentation has grown in popularity as it offers an alternative option through its natural process.

Classed as an ‘anaerobic process’, fermentation involves the application of natural bacteria that feeds on the starch and sugar present within the food or drink to produce lactic acid — not only does this allow the product to be preserved and have a longer shelf life, but it also brings forward a wide range of benefits.

As fermented foods contain essential enzymes, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics and vitamin B, these types of products have become a 2019 health-trend that is unlikely to disappear anytime soon.


Organic probiotic milk kefir drink or yogurt in glass containers, with raspberry, on the white grey background. Gut health. Probiotic cold fermented dairy drink. Trendy food and drink. Copy space

The importance of digestive health has become a significant trend this year, as we have finally begun to understand how our gut health can affect our overall wellbeing.

This clear understanding sparked a health trend in probiotics, and wellness-focused brands introduced easier ways of including probiotics into our day-to-day lifestyles by adding functioning ingredients into our pantry staples like soups, granolas, nutrition bars, and certain types of nut-based butter.

We have approximately 50 million microbes within our gut, and if we do not take care of it properly then this may affect our health beyond digestion, as it can also damage our immune system and mood regulation, thereby also causing our mental wellbeing to deteriorate.

Probiotics have grabbed the attention of many in 2019 and this will not stop as our understanding of protecting our digestive systems will only improve throughout the upcoming years, therefore paving the way for more functioning foods.

Meditation apps

What started as a trending topic in the last few years has become a staple wellness tool in 2019, as it is used daily across the world.

The wellness industry has seen an impressive growth-rate this year, as retreats and classes have grabbed our attention, however, our modern demand for easily accessible mindfulness has seen a steep rise in meditation apps. From Headspace, Calm and Stop Breathe and Think, apps that help us relax and destress have become an integral ingredient for improving our lifestyles and wellbeing.

As many of these apps offer free and short-guided meditations that can help users reach a healthy state-of-mind, these accessible apps have given people with busy lifestyles an opportunity to have guided meditation quickly and without hassle.

Virtual training and online workout subscriptions

Yoga at home fitness class streaming on TV app online woman training in living room on exercise mat meditating alone - workout lifestyle.

Following the rise of the wellness industry, virtual training and online workouts have become one of the biggest trends of 2019 and are likely to continue into 2020.

The attraction to virtual wellness is simply because it is the ideal alternative to practice physical and mental wellbeing within the comfort of your home. 2019 saw many more virtual and online classes appear, such as high-energy workouts fit for all levels.

It comes as no surprise that this became a popular trend of the year as they are cheaper and far more convenient for those who live busy and demanding lifestyles.