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The ultimate guide to CBD and the very best luxury cannabidiol brands to buy in 2020

By LLM Reporters  |  April 13, 2020

When it comes to our health, advice and trends should always be taken with a dose of scepticism. We are regularly presented with new products that are supposed to help us enjoy longer and more vibrant lives — very tempting indeed.

Whilst trends may come and go, the last few years have seen the growing popularity of CBD, and it’s impossible to ignore the waves of chatter that it’s creating. Once considered to be a rather controversial subject, CBD — often referred to as cannabidiol or cannabis oil — has torn down the walls of distrust and become one of the fastest-growing health trends of the last few years.

The non-intoxicating component of CBD is found within the cannabis plant and is classed as completely legal in the UK. It’s extracted from the stalk, stems, leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, and contains high amounts of actively therapeutic cannabinoids.

The popularity of CBD oil as a medicinal product has skyrocketed over the past 24 months

Much like taking curcumin and piperine, CBD is famed for its therapeutical properties that can offer relief for victims suffering from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, cancer, general pain, inflammation, acne, anxiety, depression and insomnia, or perhaps to simply relax the mind and body from daily stresses.

This so-called miracle cure cannot “get you high” or addicted, as it’s simply not strong enough to do so, thereby CBD is a safer way of gaining the benefits from this powerful plant.

Fiercely backed by the World Health Organisation as they claim that CBD oil is “generally well tolerated with a good safety profile”, it appears that CBD is an up-and-coming natural remedy that appears to be offering an alternative to traditional medication.

If you are wanting to try CBD, the best option is to start on a low dosage and gradually increase — anywhere between 5 and 75mg a day is suggested but do check out this very handy CBD dosage calculator from for more information. Whether you need it as a painkiller or to unwind after a stressful day, here is our guide to the best brands on the market.

Goodbody Botanicals

Having launched their brand on the 1st of October 2019, they have already become the UK’s leading supplier of CBD oil. Operating to the highest regulatory standards, this is a company that is constantly pioneering researching to discover the benefits of CBD on inflammation and respiratory diseases alongside King’s College London.

Based in Somerset on a farm that contains a hemp plantation, research facilities and the UK’s leading cannabis laboratory and manufacturing plant, Goodbody Botanicals is shaping the future of CBD through innovation and manufacturing.

Currently selling online and stocked in over 500 pharmacies and health food shops in the UK, this 5-star reviewed brand offers certified, high-quality CBD. Featuring a range of products including capsules and tinctures, this is a fantastic brand to start your CBD journey with, as they’re fully compliant, safe and effective.

Grass and Co

Partnered with the best suppliers of organic CBD oil in Europe, Grass and Co blends their premium organic CBD with therapeutic botanical ingredients.

Having launched in July 2019 after being founded by brothers Tom and Ben Grass, this brand has continuously experienced strong demand, including an exclusive partnership with luxury department store Selfridges.

At Grass and Co, transparency and ethical sourcing are at the centre of their ethos. Here, you’ll be able to find products ranging from candles and bath salts to CBD topicals (balms and body oils) and tinctures.

Peace River CBD

Peace River CBD

Founded in 2020, Peace River CBD offers wellness to all. Their tagline “Regain Yourself, Bring Harmony Within, Quiet the Noise” embodies the full intent of the CBD industry, bringing premium CBD oil to those seeking homeostasis.

Based in Washington, their five-star CBD products are extracted in an FDA registered facility from top-grade industrial hemp plants grown in the US. Their signature product, 1000mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture, is sold at a reasonable price, without the loss of the palpable quality of CBD benefits.

Experience the full benefits of the entourage effect through Peace River CBD.


European company Zamnesia has an expert team devoted to the field of understanding the benefits of CBD, thereby their products are truly one-of-a-kind. Offering full-spectrum CBD oil, Zamnesia’s tinctures vary in size and potency.

Perfect for those who have begun their CBD journey and are looking for something new, Zamnesia will certainly have it. All their CBD oils are 100% natural and contain no synthetic chemicals, making them entirely safe and reliable.

Zamnesia offers some of the purest and finest CBD oil sourced specifically from organically grown EU hemp plants, thereby certainly worth the purchase.


Evopure is an innovative brand that focuses on providing CBD from traceable, quality natural ingredients that are delivered from farm-to-door at no carbon cost.

Evopure puts a massive emphasis on a radically transparent approach, with all CBD products being sourced from organically grown hemp and naturally sourced ingredients, with 3rd party lab reports and proof of origins provided for every product.



Naturecan, which was founded one year ago by the former CEO of Myprotein, is a brand that has made delivering the highest quality CBD its mission. Their CBD oils and diverse product range has everything from broad spectrum CBD oils (GMP certified, THC and GMO free, 100% vegan) to an entire CBD skincare range, which is global leading.


A brand that specialises in synergistic ingredients, Medterra is THC-free, certified non-GMO and GMP by the US Hemp Authority. Not only does Medterra sit on the Board of Directors of the US Hemp Roundtable, but buyers can be assured that clinical research has been undertaken and some of the most affordable products on the market can be found here.

Their website gives you the option to take a quiz to ascertain which product is right for you if you are not sure where to begin, and if you fancy a sample you can enjoy money off with a Medterra coupon.

Yuyo Botanics

Created in 2018 ‘by women with a goal to get organic, Tennessee-grown hemp into your hands and connecting you to education’, Yuyo Botanics has certainly made an impact in the press since its inception.

As hemp farmers and processors themselves, they oversee the entire process to ensure that each product is 100% made organically, as well as undergoing third-party batch-tested for purity, quality and cannabinoid content.

Held to the highest of standards, Yuyo Botanics sells products containing CBD oils that are split into AM and PM — the evening doses tend to be slightly more concentrated to offer a more relaxing balance for an improved nights sleep.

We The People HEMP

We The People HEMP

Aimed to improve joint health and cognitive health and performance as well as reducing pain, anxiety and supporting relaxation, We The People HEMP helps in providing products to help a wide range of people live more productive lives. Sold in a range of oils, creams, capsules and edibles, with a selection for your pet too, the organically grown and lab-tested products promises to offer fast results with zero side effects.


Along with supplying superior quality CBD products in varying doses, Cannacares aims to lead the way in driving community support and engagement by challenging the stereotypes and misconceptions that surround CBD. Education is key to inspiring people to take positive action to take care of their health and wellbeing.

As well as a newly formulated range of CBD oils and sprays blended with essential oils, for the UK market, Cannacares also sells creams, capsules, cosmetics, drinks, patches, vapes and gifting essentials.


GoldBee is a super premium brand specialising in producing and selling the very finest raw food products such as fair trade and clover blossom honey.

The company has recently moved into the highly lucrative CBD sector and here at LLM we are big fans of the GoldBee Organic Hemp Seed Oil as it does wonders for the skin and it’s also perfect for all skin types. That’s because it can moisturise without clogging up the pores. What’s more, by regulating the skin’s oil production, it can help bring balance to oily skin. Also, it will hydrate and moisturise the skin from the inside out.


Whether you’re a professional athlete or someone who’s just really into CrossFit, you’ll find a lot to like from fourfivecbd, a UK-based CBD company founded by rugby stars George Kruis and Dominic Day.

Their line of tinctures, topicals, capsules, and beverages are designed specifically for people looking for an edge in maintaining an active lifestyle. A selection of the most popular products for pro competitors are even BSCG-certified to be free of banned substances.

And if that’s not enough to put your mind at ease, it’s also worth noting that every fourfivecbd product is independently tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure purity and potency. This fantastic range of premium CBD is also available to buy from


Puregenicscbd was established in 2019 as the retail and distribution company for the finest quality CBD that is grown by the company under license in Andalusia Spain. Supporting organic farming and members of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) and the CTA (Cannabis Trades Association UK), the company’s CBD products are totally organic and THC free.

Love Hemp

This CBD is a premium mid-strength oil which contains an earthy flavour, rich texture and a very gentle but ultimately effective result.

Love Hemp similarly sells a range of quality CBD edibles for those who prefer to not taste the strong flavour of its CBD oil. However, the fairly hefty price tag is a downfall, considering that the size and strength are comparably less to the other oils on our list.

However, Love Hemp is very good for serious beginners wanting to slowly introduce themselves to this new health trend regularly classed as a “miracle medicine”.

Wunder Workshop

This London based functional food brand focuses on organic and ethically sourced turmeric based products. Highly sustainable, Wunder Workshop was inspired by Ayurveda — the “Science of Life” — and focuses on the principles of a preventive and holistic approach to health.

Their award-winning turmeric CBD oil, which is available to buy online at Alphagreen, combines the healing powers of CBD with the ranging benefits to turmeric to create a spectacular blend perfect for an everyday dose.

Truly worth every penny, as this is CBD oil — named Psychologies Magazine CBD Oil of the Year in 2018 — packs a health punch that will have you receiving all the benefits long-term. Equally, it’s always nice to support a sustainable and organic business.

Elitemii CBD

Elitemii is a UK based company offering premium quality CBD products. Made from natural ingredients, their CBD oil is 100% organic and will provide you all the benefits that CBD has to offer. With <0.2%, the products have ‘no high’ effect whilst containing all the naturally occurring cannabinoids with the added bonus of essential nutrients, minerals and Omega-3 – making it a great choice for a natural remedy or as part of a healthy lifestyle. Every product is lab tested for potency and purity and quality checked to ensure that they have the highest quality oil possible, giving customers CBD products they can really trust.


Vapemate, a leading producer of premium vaping goods, have recently branched out into natural CBD products. They focus their selection on fully regulated, UK made offerings packed with health benefits such as the premium Ambience brand (image above).

From CBD vape juice to oil and edibles, this comprehensive cannabinoid collection comes in an array of strengths, suitable for novices and CBD veterans alike.

There’s even niche products such as hemp beard balm and CBD dog biscuits up for grabs – all with less than 0.2% THC. Perfectly legal and safe, there’s something for everyone in this range.


A recent producer of CBD, Hempura has quickly grown recognition due to its wide range of products. From CBD oil tinctures, capsules and vapes to creams, teas and even chocolates, Hempura has it all.

Similar to the rest of the products on our list, Hempura’s CBD is of great quality and showcases consistency throughout their range. The concentration of CBD oil ranges from 250mg to 1000mg and you will be able to see the third-party lab results.

If you want to ease into the use of CBD, yet are not sure how to start, then Hempura’s range of products will certainly give you a good idea.


Know for cultivating the purest and most perfectly potent CBD blends, Beboe is founded on offering customers warmth and love through its reverence for this ‘life-changing product’.

Beboe’s “synergistic formulas are blends of the most sought after active botanicals which are harmonised with full-spectrum CBD”, thereby creating an exquisite blend of goodness.

Made with purity, these products are perfect for an ideal evening of self-care. From high-potency serums, CBD body balms to help reduce aches and pains, facial creams and even face masks, Beboe has created a beautiful range for anyone to use.

Apothem Labs

Another UK based CBD brand that has developed a spectacular range of luxury CBD-based products. Each product features a unique blend of CBD and botanicals to create a product that has high-performance levels.

Setting industry standards around quality, Apothem Labs premium CBD offers a range of drops and skincare. One of the more premium products in their range is the Lights Out Drops, which is packed with 3000mg of CBD, lemon balm, milky oats, 5-HTP and Chamomile — excellent for improving the quality and depth of your sleep.

Lord Jones

Created for a sense of calm and wellbeing, ‘Lord Jones manufactures and distributes the world’s finest hemp-derived CBD infused topicals and ingestibles’.

Their gumdrops and chews and hand-made using the finest ingredients and CBD extract, whilst their tinctures and gel capsules are expertly crafted from simple ingredients to ensure purity and potency.

For true luxury and an excellent entry to CBD, Lord Jones has got it all and much more. It’s Royal Oil has been crafted with two essential ingredients — broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil and pure grape-seed oil. Perfect for anyone who is looking for the ultimate all-purpose supplement.

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