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Why the future of CBD is water soluble

By LLM Reporters  |  March 5, 2020

In the last few years CBD has become the core element of many popular health and lifestyle products and at the same time, the public has become more aware of its health benefits and how it can easily be added to your daily routine.

More than just a ‘buzzword’, CBD or cannabidiol (a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp) has been shown to be a natural way to help the body with digestion and pain management, reducing blood pressure and even anxiety relief.

With studies continuing to research this active cannabidiol, its future as a food supplement is incredibly positive – but only when it’s water soluble CBD so you can accurately control your dose and the body can absorb it effectively to gain results.

Here we go into detail about the pros of water soluble CBD vs traditional non-water soluble CBD, why it’s the future of CBD, and what you should look out for when purchasing new oils and products.

CBD has been shown to alleviate low moods in several animal studies

Why aren’t ‘traditional’ CBD products effective?

Traditionally, CBD products are non-water soluble and have very low absorption rates in the human body, on average just 5-10%. This causes issues with discovering the right dosage and getting a realistic judgement on the effects it has for each individual.

When CBD enters the body, it can be easily destroyed by stomach acid and enzymes in the liver, meaning users never get the full impact of the CBD in the product they’ve chosen. Water soluble CBD is the solution as it enables the cannabidiol to pass through the mucous membrane into the bloodstream to be absorbed.

If you’re planning on trying CBD to see how it can benefit you, or feel like the CBD you’re currently using isn’t having the results you’d expect, it would be a good idea to consider making the switch to water soluble CBD. When CBD has been naturally treated to be water soluble, it offers faster and better results, as well as better value for money.

What is water soluble CBD?

Water soluble CBD is CBD from the hemp plant that has been extracted for use in oils and then naturally treated to be highly bioavailable to the human body. This means more of it can be absorbed into the bloodstream to take effect, creating better and faster results.

Whilst there are various methods of making cannabidiol water soluble, a process of micellization is the most effective. This patented Swiss technology allows for up to 99% absorption of CBD in the body, as opposed to the average of 5-10% in non-treated CBD.

Micellization works by encapsulating CBD with a special molecule that mimics naturally occurring micelles in the body that make molecules easily solubilised in water. As a result, the CBD is ready to be absorbed by the body almost instantly, rather than being ‘used up’ or destroyed by stomach acid and enzymes in the liver.

With the micelle process, the treated CBD can easily pass through the mucous membrane, which itself is 90-95% water, to enter the bloodstream and take effect.

CBD has fast become a buzzword in recent years

Water soluble vs non-water soluble CBD

By being incredibly bioavailable and easily absorbed, water soluble CBD results in the following when compared to non-water soluble CBD:

– An absorption rate of up to 99%, increased from 5-10%.

– Better, faster results as opposed to poor results.

– The ability to accurately dose as part of your routine.

– Better value for money as the CBD in the oils is nearly all absorbed by the body.

Water soluble CBD is also designed to be taken with fruit juice or water, so can be taken more discreetly if preferred, rather than taking as drops under the tongue.

What to look out for in CBD products

As the popularity of CBD has grown in the UK and worldwide, there has been an influx of products on the market and it can be confusing when it comes to picking the right one for you. In truth, there may not be a lot to distinguish one oil from another, apart from whether it is water soluble or not.

When shopping in store or online, look for CBD oils that are labelled as water soluble and in particular, labelled as ‘micellated CBD’. In this way you can choose a product that your body can absorb so you get the CBD that you’re paying for with the best chance to get the results you’re expecting.

It is also worth noting that when you first take CBD, start with a low dose and use the suggested number of drops that come with each product. Whilst dosage is variable depending on body chemistry, weight and the MG in each oil, starting low is always advisable so you understand how it impacts you personally before increasing the dosage.

CBD comes from the sticky resin of the plant, and is free of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

Choosing micellated CBD

As food supplements, micellated CBD is one of the most effective choices to make, and is available with curcumin, a natural compound of turmeric root, as well as both isolate and full spectrum CBD depending on your personal preference.

Launched last December, Enhanced CBD Health offers a range of water soluble CBD products that include micellated and organic CBD. They ask you to ‘demand more from your CBD’ and offer both 10ml and 30ml bottles with easy to use pipettes for accurate dosing.

Speaking on their approach, owner Kelly wants CBD users to know all the facts before they buy any products on the market today, “We launched Enhanced CBD Health to both offer water soluble CBD to the benefit of our customers and to further promote this as the best way to get results.

Even in 2020 a lot of CBD users haven’t heard of the problem with low bioavailability of cannabidiol and therefore don’t know to look for a solution, and that a solution is here.

The problem with this is that someone may try it and think it doesn’t work for them, but it might just be that their body isn’t being able to absorb the CBD to get results”.

Enhanced CBD Health offers a range of water soluble CBD products that include micellated and organic CBD

For more information

If you have any questions on micellated CBD and want to learn more, you can contact Enhanced CBD Health. They are specialists in water soluble CBD products and have experience with customers using CBD for a wide variety of reasons and will be happy to help.

They can be reached on and further reading can be found on their blog guides.

A quick note: Before adding CBD to your daily routine it is advisable to consult with your GP, especially if you take medication that could be impacted. CBD is legal in the UK and you must be 18 years of age to purchase.