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3 lavish upgrades for your home that will allow you to bathe in luxury every day

By LLM Reporters  |  June 1, 2021
luxury home

Any luxury lover will know that there’s no such thing as having too much opulence in your life. Defined as ‘a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense’, there’s no denying that we can all appreciate a good dose of sumptuous style and sophistication in any area of our lives, anytime – and in few settings is that truer than in the home.

While very few people can exist in opulence at all times, every opportunity to bathe in its warm glow should be seized with both hands, and by adding a few extravagant extras to your abode, you can allow yourself to get a taste of it each and every day.

From top-notch sound systems to impeccable works of art, nothing is too good for the place in which you spend most of your time, and money is no object when it comes to creating a haven that will make you feel like a million dollars for as much of your daily life as possible. Not only that, but it will give your guests a taste of the good life too, instantly making you the host with the most and cementing your status in social circles for the long-haul.

So, if you’re looking to inject some unrivalled luxury into your home this year, then look no further – because these show-stopping pieces are guaranteed to take your breath away.

1. Clifford coffee table

Clifford coffee table
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The Clifford coffee table from SM London is a masterpiece of economical design, merging the best of classic and contemporary styles into one sleek package. This tasteful work of craftsmanship combines high-quality wood with a touch of metal, giving it an edge over other tables in its price range. 

We can’t think of a better centrepiece for your living room.

Price: £2,500

2. Acoustic Signature Invictus Turntable

Acoustic Signature Invictus Turntable
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If music be the food of love, play on. But if the food of love is being played on a rubbish turntable and tinny speakers, then it’ll probably give you indigestion – which is why audiophiles are constantly improving their sound setup, no expense spared

With a few upgrades, songs you’ve heard a thousand times before will suddenly seem clearer and more layered – and no level up is more dramatic than the Acoustic Signature Invictus Turntable. It’ll reduce your bank balance to the tune of almost £100,000, but the jump in sound quality is worth the exorbitant price. 

Price: £99,750

3. Cineole

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Having a great work of art hanging on your wall is the ultimate symbol of taste – and shows just how much cash you have to splash. So why not purchase art from a renowned artist who’s still alive today? Cineole, by the infamous Damien Hirst, is a spot print etching available for the sum of £23,000 on Artsy, and is certain to take your guests’ breaths away.

Hirst is most famous for his nineties heyday, in which he contained dead animals in formaldehyde, encrusted human skulls with diamonds and created contemporary art which became renowned for its ability to impress and infuriate in equal measure – but thankfully, his later works have become much more subdued.

While there’s no denying that he was once the master of shock, it doesn’t make Cineole any less impressive. Its simple dot pattern would make a tasteful addition to any household – even if the minimalistic style is more your cup of tea.

Price: £23,000