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3 rooms and the high-end furniture that will ensure your home is the cream of the crop

By LLM Reporters  |  July 29, 2021
luxury living room

Are you looking to give some of your interiors a new lease of life? If so, the first place to start is by seeking out the largest items, those pieces that provide the functional aspects of the room. However, don’t be fooled into thinking function means boring as there are plenty of pieces of unique and beautifully designed furniture items that can truly elevate the look of your home.

Unless you prefer an eclectic look, you will most likely wish to seek out items of furniture that match, this is easier if you are purchasing a set of newer items but can be more difficult with antique pieces, though not impossible if you look in the right places. Seek out furniture that not only speaks to your individual style and complements the overall aesthetic of the room you are overhauling, but also items that are well made and constructed with the finest quality materials. Spending a little more always pays off when it comes to purchasing larger furniture pieces as you will be ensuring that the materials are of higher quality and the craftsmanship is elevated, resulting in longer lasting items.

Here, we are going to look at three rooms in the house that depend on top-quality furniture and the pieces in each that you need to concentrate on.

Building the best home office

plants office

Those who usually work in an office will have certainly seen some changes to their daily schedules over the past 16 months, with working from home a necessity, commuting off the schedule and any regular workout classes scrapped while the country dealt with the pandemic. If you didn’t already have a set-up, you surely do now, but is it really offering you the best of what you can have? Sure, you’ve realised that the dining table really wasn’t working for you, and you now come equipped with an ergonomic chair, tailbone cushion and standing desk converter to ease those lower back issues, but what else do you need for your new room?

It goes without saying that a decent desk is essential along with a drawer to keep things tidied away and that ergonomic, adjustable chair is surely your best friend, but aside from these basic, but top-quality furniture items, what else do you need? Well, the secret to a productive space is a tidy one, so a cabinet to hide away all of those little stationary items and important papers is essential, along with some shelving to prop up any inspiring or educational reads. In addition to this you will want to save space for a comfortable chair to recline on in those moments where you need a break or fancy dipping into one of those important books.

Creating a sanctuary in your bedroom


Many people think that the best way to create a sanctuary in your bedroom is to adorn your bed with the perfect mattress and the most sumptuous bedding, and while this may be true to a degree, a well-made bed will also play a huge part. In addition to the comfort factor, you will certainly enjoy a more restful night’s sleep if you purchase a bed frame that is of the utmost quality, is sturdy and solid, while one that looks good too is always going to please. Pair the bed with matching bedside tables, a wardrobe and dressing table for the complete look, and don’t forget to head to local one-off stores that hold an array of well-built and beautiful treasures for your dream bedroom.

Living room

living room

The room that is the most occupied by visitors to your house, while also being the hub of your home, your living room needs to embody a number of uses. Relaxing with a movie with loved ones, entertaining guests, cosying up with a book and glass of wine in winter, there are many ways in which this room needs to work for all occasions. Blend comfort with style with either an L shaped or U shaped sofa or make it more sociable with two sofas facing each other and the odd statement armchair to up the elegance factor. Make sure your coffee table and TV stand match and have space to store unsightly items away and opt for sturdy shelving to house your gathered treasures, books, and arty objects.