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5 delightful decorating ideas for a beautiful bedroom in 2021

By LLM Reporters on 8th February 2021

So, you’ve decided that your bedroom or one of the spare rooms is in need of a makeover, and with a little more time being spent at home, now seems to be the perfect opportunity to focus on your interiors and get everything look ship-shape. We don’t blame you, the timing is right, and a little redecoration is the perfect way to keep busy and get your house in order so that you can focus on goings on outside of the home once restrictions are lifted.

There are so many trends, elements to consider and ways in which you can decorate a bedroom, but above all it needs to induce comfort, after all, it’s where you (or your guests) will be hoping to get a good night’s sleep. This doesn’t mean that it has to lack in style though, so if you’re ready for a revamp, then read on for five delightful decorating ideas to help you create a beautiful bedroom.

Bring paradise to your home with elegant touches within your décor

Complete comfort

As mentioned, it goes without saying that a bedroom needs to be a relaxing room with a comfortable mattress, but you can take this one step further by creating a supremely sumptuous space to encourage anyone to dive right in for a blissful night’s sleep.

The best place to start is with a top-quality mattress, and the good news is that there are a plethora of options out there for any type of sleeper. Are you looking for a California king mattress or a queen size option? Perhaps you need to cover twin beds, will a king mattress do, or might you be interested in Sleepingocean’s list of California king mattresses? This is a great place to start when searching for a mattress that will allow you to drift off into the land of nod with ease. Add to this a selection of pillows to choose from – a pillow menu doesn’t just have to be reserved for five-star hotels – cosy cushions and a soft throw littering the bed, soft lighting and neutral, comforting tones within the décor and you’ll be cosseted in no time.

Artistic abode

One trend we are seeing more of, and loving, right now is the ombre effect on walls and soft furnishings. From deep blue or pinkish tones at the bottom through to a delicate pale tone at the top to draw the eye upwards, you can purchase mural wallpaper for one wall or perhaps seek out a creative decorator who can create same effect.

Comfortable, stylish, artistic – there are many ways to create a bedroom that suits your style

The watercolour artistic effect looks creative and calming in equal measure, making it perfect for a bedroom. Don’t go too overboard with the pattern and perhaps choose between walls, cushions, curtains and a rug or a mix of a few items. Don’t be afraid to combine different colours to create a palette that looks stylish and the ideal place to recline. Keep the rest of the room fuss free to ensure the colours and patterns stand out, a black bed frame, cream carpet and simple furniture are a good place to start.

Nautical notions

It isn’t a new trend, but many homes by the sea will naturally require some nautical elements embedded into their décor. The perfect way of bringing the outside in, especially when you live near the water, you will want to incorporate items that tell a story of your location. You don’t need to go overboard with accessories, and you can keep it contemporary by sticking to a neutral colour palate with touches of blue within a cushion or throw on the bed.

Keep furniture to a pale wood, cream-coloured curtains and a beige carpet work well, and white bed covers will keep it looking pristine. Natural elements work best here, and you can add some little nautical touches within artwork and the odd accessory such as a barometer or model boat.

A minimalist, monochrome look is great for creating a calming atmosphere

Monochrome mood

If you want to keep your bedroom looking super stylish and modern, then you can’t go wrong with monochrome. Here, you have the option to incorporate some darker wood tones with wall panelling or within the furniture and bed frame to give it a more rustic and earthy feel, or you can keep it sleek with just a black and white palette. Range the tones from black, charcoal and dark grey to silvery grey and white and introduce some patterns within artwork, cushions and a rug to add a little interest.

Tropical paradise

You can’t reach a physical paradise right now, and if you’re missing it, you may want to incorporate some elements into your new décor. Totally on trend right now is statement wallpaper, so opt for a tropical leaf pattern and match with white and wood to create a fresh, natural beachy feel throughout. If you don’t like the sound of the wallpaper, you can, of course, introduce some real plants to your room, they are great for cleaning the air and they bring life into any room.