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5 garden upgrades to improve your outdoor space

When looking to make a few luxury home improvements, it’s easy to get lost in the details of interior design and decorating. Home is where we spend our time relaxing, so ensuring that it is as comfortable as possible matters a huge amount. However, one of the more forgotten aspects of the home environment is the garden, despite it having a big impact on mood and happiness. Spending time in nature can have a brilliant impact on health and wellbeing, so it’s important that we utilise our garden areas as much as possible.

If you are looking to turn your garden into a luxurious retreat, or simply want a calming and beautiful environment to relax in, we can help. In this short guide, we have put together five great garden upgrades you can implement which will improve your outdoor space in a host of different ways. By the end, you should be inspired and ready to make your garden that little bit more special.


Starting with one of the more common options, patios are perfect for adding practicality to your garden whilst maintaining elegance and beauty. The best part about patios is that because they are firmer than grass or earth, they can host a range of different furniture and decorations that would usually have to stay inside. This way, you can create perfect recreation and relaxation areas to enjoy the sun or chat with friends and family.

The other major advantage of adding a patio to your garden is its effect on the décor and atmosphere. Patios can be made using a vast range of different materials, allowing you to shape your space and add a little texture to the environment. It’s through these small additions that a regular garden becomes a luxurious one.

Artificial grass

The original artificial grass was an ugly, vibrant green colour that didn’t look natural and definitely didn’t belong in your garden. However, since its creation, artificial grass has significantly improved and now you can find blended, natural synthetic turfs that look just like the real thing.

Transitioning to an artificial lawn comes with a host of benefits. Your lawn looks beautiful all year round, requires little to no maintenance and the surface is suitable for every member of the family. If you’re looking for ideas around what your garden could be used for or simply want an outdoor space that can take a little punishment without starting to show wear and tear, artificial grass might be a good choice. You’ll be surprised by how natural modern artificial lawns look.

Fruit-bearing shrubs

Everyone likes to eat fruit off the tree, especially when it was grown in their own garden. Adding fruit-bearing shrubs and plants to your outdoor space immediately makes it more appealing, impressive and attractive. Visitors and little ones will be immediately drawn to your garden and the plants themselves make great talking points for summer parties and social events. Plus, most fruit-bearing plants are fairly inexpensive, easy to look after and show off beautiful flowers. It’s a win-win situation.

Wildlife attractors

Creating an impactful but relaxing garden isn’t just about intricate designs and perfectly placed shrubs, it’s also about nature itself. Everyone can appreciate the beauty that the natural world holds and so, where possible, you will want to encourage this beauty into your own garden space. Bird feeders, hedges and simply selecting the right flowers can quickly bring the animals and insects into your outdoor environment, bringing nature right to your front door.

If you have a desire to see a particular animal from your local area, do a little research around its habitat and requirements. It may not take much to create an ideal setting for the animal which you are interested in seeing and before you know it, you might find yourself seeing nature at work in plenty of ways you didn’t expect. In every sense, nature is often enchanting and awe-inspiring, which is why it’s so good for our relaxing home spaces.

Ponds and water features

As a final upgrade option, think about adding a little water to your garden space. Ponds attract a host of different animals from amphibians and birds to dragonflies and hedgehogs, further encouraging natures presence in your outdoor environment. Plus, when combined with water features, a pond can be incredibly elegant and calming, particularly during the quiet stillness of dusk.

Whatever your personal preferences, there is bound to be an upgrade in this list that will help you create the luxury garden of your dreams. As with all things, take your time when making a decision and plan carefully so that you know exactly what you will receive.