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5 golden rules for creating a luxury living room

From luxurious lighting to incorporating art into the room, we take a look at five ways you can create a magazine-worthy living space that oozes glamour and sophistication.

By LLM Reporters  |  December 22, 2021
modern living room

Is your living room ready for a facelift? If you’ve been glancing around your living space and have convinced yourself that it could do with a little refresh, then you will likely be looking for some inspiration on how to update the décor in the way that it deserves, while ensuring the space stays bang on-trend.

From luxurious lighting to incorporating art into the room, we take a look at five ways you can create a magazine-worthy living space that oozes glamour and sophistication.

Go minimal

The clearer the room, the bigger the space will feel, so work towards removing any unnecessary clutter by tucking it away in storage or spreading it out across your home. If you’re buying new furniture, consider opting for clean, Scandi-inspired lines and pieces that can have a range of uses such as an industrial footstool to minimise mess and maximise effect.

living room
Adding art to your new living room interior is a great way to elevate the room

Simple furniture pieces can then be juxtaposed with luxe soft furnishings for an elegant clash of styles and textures. Choosing a neutral palette of two or three colours will also lift your living room to sophisticated new heights.

Add mirrors

Mirrors will instantly make a room feel brighter and more spacious. Go for a collection of smaller mirrors for an artistic effect or hang a larger piece to make a statement. Pick a metallic frame and use this colour delicately throughout your décor for a hint of opulence.

Luxe lighting

Layer up your lighting to highlight your room’s best features whatever time of the day. Make an impact with an antique style chandelier for instant old-school glamour or choose something more contemporary but equally as eye-catching if you have more modern tastes. Add a variety of table lamps or floor lamps for lower-level lighting and create interest and depth to your living room.

living room
Reduce mess by storing clutter away and choose furniture blends comfort, style and minimalism together perfectly

Choose arty accents

It’s up to you whether you want to turn heads with a large piece of art or go more minimal with a couple of carefully chosen sculptural pieces on display. One large piece of art will give your room a grand gallery feel and can be a classy conversation starter.

Depending on your room size you can either go with a single piece or add a few across the walls to create flow through the room. Smaller ornaments can add interest and variety to coffee tables or side tables and can be more easily rearranged or changed than wall art. The key is to focus on just a couple of accents rather than cramming pieces into the space you have.

Don’t forget the windows

Window dressing can make or break the cohesion of a room so it’s worth spending both time and money on your curtains or blinds to pull the whole look together. Splashing out on some made to measure curtains in a fabric of your choosing will elevate the finish of your room to next level luxury. A clever way to make your ceilings look higher is by remounting your curtain pole closer to the ceiling and allowing for some additional drape to your curtains for a sumptuous effect.

Creating a luxury feel to your living room sounds like an arduous endeavour. However, with a few well-planned tweaks and some carefully chosen decorations, you can achieve a stylish room that you’ll be proud to show off for relatively little effort. Keep things simple and spend on a few attention-grabbing pieces for maximum effect and just the right amount of lavishness.