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5 home improvement projects you can complete in one weekend

By LLM Reporters  |  December 9, 2020

Are you looking for the inspiration to undertake minor home improvement jobs and add value to your home?

When it comes to updating parts of our home, we often find the daydreaming part far more fun that the actual doing, which is why so many of us hire professionals to do the work for us. However, there are so many jobs within the home that can be achieved in a fairly short space of time, by ourselves, and it will be pleasing for many to learn that a lot of these jobs will add value to your property too – something all homeowners get excited about.

Often, we look at jobs around the house as something to get booked in with the professionals or a task that will prove to be far too time-consuming to undertake. This doesn’t have to be the case, and a sure-fire way to ensure you get the jobs completed is to plan in advance and schedule in your time.

Most jobs don’t have to take that long to complete if you are focused, and they can make a real difference on the look of your home, so we have made it simple for you by offering you five home improvement projects that you can complete in one weekend.

Repaint a room

Possibly one of the longer jobs on the list, giving a room a makeover by repainting it can certainly be achieved in one weekend if you plan well before the event. Often we look at redecorating as a whole concept change, but simply repainting the walls can sometimes be enough of a change, and it’s a significant one at that.

Plan well for your painting project and you will be able to complete in it a weekend

It all depends on which room you are looking to update and the existing items in said room that you’re looking to keep in place after painting as to which colour you purchase. If you’re repainting the lounge, consider the colour of the sofa and any room you repaint will have to complement the flooring if that is staying in place.

The great thing about repainting a room is that there are almost endless options when it comes to colour choice with new shades, pairings and ways to paint being put out there with each new season. It is always recommended to buy some testers and live with the colours for a few days before making your final choice, and if you’re looking to sell up within the next few years, perhaps a neutral colour would make a good choice.

Preparation is key to completing a job as efficiently as possible – make sure you have all the items you will need to avoid any last-minute trips to your local DIY store so that you can focus solely on the task at hand and ensure you prepare the area properly first to make for a smooth finish.

Update fixtures

Give your bathroom a breath of fresh air by replacing old, outdated taps – you will be surprised as to the difference this can make to the room. There are so many options available to choose from these days and you can order them online, so there is no excuse not to liven up your plumbing a little. If you’re happy with your current taps then instead consider simply replacing a few door or drawer knobs across your home with new ones that truly reflect your personality and style.

The odd new fitting, fixture and paint job can make all the difference

Replace your doors

Replacing your doors can instantly update the look of your room and your entire home. One of the best and simplest of ways to add value to your home, new doors will not only refresh your interiors, but if you opt for glazed doors you can give the feel of a more open space.

Browse from the safety of your sofa and find your new doors today. The great thing about this is you can find such a good range of options that you are sure to find a style that fits in well with your existing interiors. If you have the energy, replace all the doors in your home, section by section, until they are all updated, and you should find that it’s quite a quick job once you get going.

Get in the garden

Whilst a tree may not grow in one weekend, there is no reason not to get outside and plant one for the future. The same goes with flowers and shrubs, it may seem like a fruitless task now, but you’ll thank yourself when you spot blooms in the garden and those burgeoning shrubs next spring and summer.

Whilst a tree may not grow in one weekend, there is no reason not to get outside and plant one for the future

Focus on adding some kerb appeal by tidying up around the front of your house and ensuring you have some low maintenance plants in place. You could also add some paving and create a beautiful pathway to your front door or to a favourite spot in your back garden from your back door, while investing in some new garden furniture will certainly complete your efforts. All of the above may take a little longer than one weekend but you can spread it across a few if you have a little more work to undertake.

Do a mini kitchen remodel

When the words kitchen and remodel get uttered, we understand that this brings visions of weeks of unrest, high costs and something that will certainly never take a weekend to complete. However, there are plenty of smaller tasks you can undertake in your kitchen that will add some value and provide you with a nicer looking space to cook in.

Consider adding or revamping a backsplash or get those paintbrushes out and give the walls or cupboard fronts an update and install some new cupboard handles too. Perhaps you could do with some new stools for your breakfast bar or an update of an appliance or two – any of these updates are sure to provide you with a noticeably updated looking space in a short time.