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5 interior design trends we are loving right now

By LLM Reporters  |  August 19, 2020
modern home

From glam and glossy to a plant filled paradise, this year brings the widest range of exciting interior design trends, all aiming to convert your home into an inviting, highly curated space. Whether you’re focusing on elevating the look of your bathroom, upgrading your family room or simply interested in making your space more sustainable, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover five current interior design trends for gorgeous luxurious spaces.

1. Glam, glossy finishes

From mother of pearl finishes to glossy Moroccan tiles, shine is one of the biggest trends of the moment – the subtle, yet impactful kind. While glitz and opulent glam is out, interior designers everywhere are incorporating lustrous finishes in their high-end designs, be it in bathrooms, kitchens or luxury hallways. If you are looking for a way to incorporate refined lustre into your space, borrow from the timeless beauty and elegance of pearls and opt for iridescent mother of pearl bathroom tiles or luxe backsplashes.

white home interior
Bring on the shine and gloss in your home decor

Moreover, high-lacquered wood has been an emerging trend in the past seasons, so opting for wood finishes that bring on the glow is definitely an option. When opting for lacquered wood, go for mid tones rather than dark ones – and definitely embrace the light woods as a dominant feature.

2. A play of mixed metals

2020 is big on metals – and combining them is no longer an interior design faux pass. This season, copper finishes blend perfectly with silver tones, and gold finishes and black metals make enticing combos. Think of it as a new way to do eclecticism, but with a precise set of rules. for spaces that blend industrial elegance with a touch of glam.

Mixing and matching metals should follow this simple guideline: always opt for a dominant metal and colour and add your second as an accent, in order to avoid clashing. Combining warm metals (gold, copper or brass) with cold metals (aluminium, silver or stainless steel) is definitely doable when applying this simple rule, and adding neutral metals on top, such as iron or black metals is welcomed. To prevent your space from looking too austere and cold when using a mix of metals, pair your industrial touches with warm textures and shades, such as velvet, linen, stone or natural woods.

3. Nature-infused oasis

Biophilic design has been experiencing a major moment in the past few years. From vegetation-inspired wallpaper to veritable indoor jungles filled with lush greenery and exotic appeal, the trend is stronger than ever. If you are working with an outdoor space, the choices are obvious – there’s simply no such thing as ‘too green’. Now more than ever, opt for unique greenery, including exotic plants, tall vegetation and a plethora of saturated green shades, all conveying a sense of sumptuousness.

nature home
Bringing the outdoors in is a great way to create a relaxing space

For an indoor space, definitely think beyond the ‘plants in pots’ craze. Making nature a part of the interiors is big in 2020 – whether that means architectural ingenuity that incorporates impressively large, old trees in your home, interior gardens or a blend of indoor and outdoor spaces that are a green extension of your living space.

4. A plethora of curves

Furniture goes beyond functionality and comfort in 2020, in fact, it elevates itself to the status of art, of masterpieces, if you will. We’re seeing more and more statement furniture pieces, from luxury sofas to consoles, that are designed as veritable pieces of art, aiming to be the focal point of luxurious spaces. But this year’s designs leave behind pointy angles and sharp edges and embrace a plethora of enticing curves.

If you are redecorating your living-room, a curved couch in luxe velvet is a great choice that offers more than just its practicality. Adding visual interest to a space, curves are everywhere – from the art you hang on your walls to the coffee tables to the armchairs. Embrace the full range of circles, semi-circles and moon-phases-inspired pieces for a space that conveys much more than basic functionality.

5. Sustainable design

Going beyond the aesthetics of interior design, sustainable interiors have been on the rise in recent years, and in design terms, sustainability translates to waste reduction, low environmental impact, energy efficiency and longevity.

home decor
For a more sustainable home, opt for locally purchased items, natural, sustainably sourced materials and decor that is designed to last

From using materials produced in a responsible manner to thinking long-term, sustainability can mean a wide range of things in 2020 in the interior design niche. Like fast fashion, the new direction means leaving ‘fast decor’ behind and creating interiors that are designed to last, that score high on timeless appeal and that minimise energy costs. There are simple ways to apply sustainability guidelines in your space, from opting for natural materials to planning for energy-efficient lighting and from maximising the use of space to reducing waste. Even simple steps such as letting natural light in and shopping locally can make a small, but valuable impact and go a long way.