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5 luxury rooftop terrace design ideas for 2020

Rooftop terraces are a growing commodity amongst urban homeowners who are pressed for space and greenery. Although living in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a great city is thrilling and exciting, you may find yourself craving a taste of the outdoors more than you might have thought.

With a luxury rooftop terrace, you can open your home up to breathtaking views, create a recreational and social space for entertaining visiting guests, and construct a relaxing reprieve for those times when you need a quick getaway.

Luscious green gardens, captivating water features, decorative statues, ambient lighting, and bespoke furniture are all design elements for you to consider whilst carving out your own personal sanctuary in the sky, and be sure to hire a qualified and certified residential roofing contractor to help you do the job. For that final feeling of absolute luxury on your rooftop terrace, peruse over these extra-special finishing touches.

Outdoor kitchen

A more practical use of this overlooked part of your home is to create a quaint alfresco dining environment. Take full advantage of the beautiful views from the rooftop with a unique and personalised kitchen space and dining area – the perfect opportunity to showcase your top story haven to guests with home made cocktails and freshly prepared meals, whilst also providing you with a change of scenery for your morning coffee and breakfast bowls. You can pair this with a complimentary dining area for somewhere to sit and enjoy your rooftop kitchen creations in comfort and style.

young adult man enjoying the view from rooftop patio
Rooftop terraces are a growing commodity amongst urban homeowners who are pressed for space and greenery

Hot tub or plunge pool

A luxurious addition through and through, a hot tub or plunge pool is an idilic inclusion if you are striving to create a relaxing and serene space on your rooftop. A plunge pool can be built directly into the floor or decking of your roof as a permanent feature for a chic and elegant look, but careful consideration of placement, size and construction must be taken before installing this to be sure you are truly happy with the proposed plan.

If you would like a little more versatility with this feature, a bespoke cover can be made to place over the pool to create some extra floorspace. On the other hand, a hot tub offers similar qualities but with a little more freedom for movement. The hot tub can be moved around your rooftop or even taken away completely if you would like to switch in something different.

Rooftop cinema

Your contemporary rooftop terrace would be incomplete without an inbuilt cinema and audio system perfect for all you entertaining needs. Installing a multi-use surround sound system and a screen or television will give you the functionality you need for any audio or visual activities. Rather than having your screen or television on display, instead try building this into your rooftop structure, for example a pull down projector screen can be fitted into a decorative wooden archway, and a television can be built into a wall with a custom-made cover, both out of site but still easily accessible.

Fire pit

For an alluring, ambient quality, and a natural heating element for colder days and nights, you can incorporate a bespoke fire pit into your rooftop. Completely tailored to your design aesthetic, a fire pit can produce elegant mood lighting for some evening socialising, or serve as a stunning backdrop for a beautiful dinner. Although a small and rounded fire pit is a common choice for a fire pit, there is something slightly more luxurious about a longer, rectangular style.

young boy relaxing in hammock on modern rooftop patio, home terrace
With a luxury rooftop terrace, you can open your home up to breathtaking views

When designing your fire pit, you may want to opt for a porcelain or marble surrounding structure that extends to provide you with a surface that can double up as a coffee table. You can also surround your fire with large plush sofas and chairs for the comfiest and classiest of relaxation spaces.

Gazebos, awnings and sails

One aspect that must be carefully considered when building your rooftop terrace is protection, not only from the changing seasonal weathers, but also from neighbouring houses. At ground level, surrounding buildings, trees and structures provide protection, but on your rooftop you could be exposed to extreme weather conditions. For that reason it is important to ensure the correct measures are taken to protect your rooftop and your furniture.

Reinforcing large structures with floor joists and securing furniture to the ground can help prevent any severe damage that may be caused by strong winds, constructing awnings and installing sails can protect your furniture from sun and rain as well as provide you with an element of privacy from overlooking houses, you could even incorporate a gazebo onto your terrace for a cosy, more sheltered escape.

You should also make sure that any furniture and fabrics you choose to use are able to withstands extreme environments – try to use specialist materials that are UV and water resistant, and also insensitive to varying temperatures. If there are certain cushions and throws you love that are just to amazing to pass up, it is advisable to use a cushion box to prevent mildew or mould build up.