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5 of the best plants to use for a grandiose garden

Garden Seeds Market share some award-winning plants to elevate your garden with this year.

By LLM Reporters  |  January 21, 2022

With spring not so far away, you may be beginning to conjure up ideas on how to elevate the look of your garden, whether that’s through an entirely new aesthetic or with a few simple updates here and there.

Any keen gardener knows that it takes continued effort to keep their outside spaces looking glorious in summer, so if you’re planning on transforming your garden into a luxurious and colour filled sanctuary then Garden Seeds Market are here to help. If you are searching for fresh ideas, let them provide you with the most beautiful, inspiring looks. These award-winning plants will elevate the aesthetic of your garden and make it an inviting and luxurious retreat that you’ll long to spend time in.

Lily, the timeless elegance at its best

Sophisticated and subtle at the same time, lilies are available in a plethora of exciting varieties. The classic white ones are an epitome of luxury, while the gorgeous lily Regale Album with its fragrant, elegant flowers is a noteworthy example. If you are looking for tall, majestic plants with monumental blooms, tree lilies would be the perfect choice.

Multi-coloured varieties, such as the white-and-yellow Mister Cas, white-pink-and-red Star Gazer, gold-and-burgundy Debby, or pink-yellow-and-green Eastern Moon are truly mesmerizing. What about a fresh, new look? Add an exotic twist to your flower bed with the spectacular martagon lilies. Each plant produces numerous flowers, the most vigorous ones up to fifty on one stem.

Agapanthus, a spectacular yet modest fellow

Agapanthus, also known by the name of lily of the Nile or African lily, is the perfect example of good taste. Its slender stem rises high above a fluffy tuft of grass-like foliage. The top of each stalk is crowned with numerous tiny lily-shaped flowers. Agapanthus’s most popular variety produces astonishing blue flowers, but you can also come across unique specimens with snow-white petals.

The lily of the Nile becomes the most decorative when planted in larger groups. Simplicity and unimposing beauty are considered the most important traits of this species. Agapanthus should harmonize with all ornamental plants in your posh garden, spreading its delicate charm over a blooming flower bed.

Canna lily, delightfully tall and brightly coloured

The exotic allure of a canna lily is hard to resist. Huge, asymmetric flowers of this plant electrify viewers with vivid colours. They can be golden or canary yellow like the Richard Wallace, Golden Lucifer, and Yara varieties; deep orange as it is the case with Happy Cleo, President, and Carnaval; hot pink – Orchid and Mrs Oklahoma; and dark red, even scarlet like flowers of the Brilliant and Lucifer cultivars.

Long, towering flower stalks of canna lilies are surrounded by broad ornamental leaves. That decoratively striped foliage adds to the overall beauty of the plant. If you are looking for impressive blooms to attract attention to the centre of your lawn, search no further. Invite a few canna lilies to your garden and feel like you’re on a luxury holiday, every day.

Tuberose, the charm of pastel colours

Should the imposing, brightly coloured giants not suit your taste, take a look at the adorable Tuberoses, their pastel blooms will win your heart. Small but eye-catching, tuberoses offer a feast for the senses. Their pleasing look is accompanied by a sweet scent.

Tiny, charming, bell-shaped flowers form large spikes that come in a variety of delicate colours: the warm white The Pearl, the creamy yellow Super Gold, the pale pink Sensation, and the light purple Pink Saphier Tuberoses that fit well onto borders and into pots can easily become the most cherished jewels of your collection.

Tiger flower, a small plant with a big personality

Tigridia, commonly known as the tiger or peacock flower, is the last, but not least on our list of plants that are best suited for an upmarket garden. Tigridia flowers take on a unique triangular shape and an interesting colour pattern similar to a leopard print. They are tiny but fierce! These exquisite flowers will amaze with the intensity of their colours. Their bright yellow, flaming red, dark pink and flashy white petals constitute a perfect match for ornamental grasses and plants with decorative leaves, such as hosta. You can plant this unique plant in compact groups at the forefront of a flower bed.

Gracious, aesthetically pleasing, and wonderfully fragrant; all of the above plants have something individual to offer a an elegantly designed garden. Together with sophisticated garden architecture and tasteful decorations, they add glamour to any garden. You will find a wide selection of gorgeous flower bulbs at