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5 ways with a garden room: How to make the best of this outdoor space

Looking to improve your outdoor space? Then follow our tips for the perfect garden room.

By LLM Reporters  |  November 2, 2021
garden room

Garden rooms have seen a surge in popularity in recent years with the extra space seen as a huge plus as homeowners seek out additional work or entertaining space within their residences. 

Of course, the biggest draw came with lockdowns and the need to make the most of our homes and gardens, while doubling up certain rooms to create multi-functional spaces. The requirement to continue working while remaining at home for so many people made garden rooms an obvious choice for a home office, providing a dedicated space to turn to for those long days at a desk, in an area with few distractions. 

This sleek addition to your home acts as a sanctuary in your garden and can alternatively be used as an entertaining or recreational area for the family. Garden rooms also happen to be quite a good investment and are said to add around 5% in value to your property – a plus if you have the thought of moving house on your radar. 

Whether you decide to use the area as a work, play, hobbies or study space, there is no doubt that this stylish structure brings with it plenty of benefits, so how can you make the most of it? Read on for five ways with a garden room. 

A delightful dining space

Dining room
Dedicate this space entirely to dining and use it whatever the weather for a memorable meal at dinner parties or in everyday life

You may have a formal dining room in your home, a breakfast bar, breakfast room or a more casual dining space as well as outdoor seating, but do you have a dining pod? If you’ve seen the domes that have popped up in restaurant or hotel gardens in recent years, you will know what we mean, and here you have the chance to create your own. 

Dedicate this space entirely to dining and use it whatever the weather for a memorable meal at dinner parties or in everyday life. If you’re using a garden room for this purpose, make sure it has plenty of windows to make the most of your garden view, incorporate heating, stylish décor, music, a range of lighting to set the mood and a decorous table setting for a winning dining experience every time. 

A spa retreat

spa at home
Create your own at-home spa in your garden room

Fancy creating your very own spa retreat at home? You will be pleased to learn that can do just this, and you don’t need to try very hard to create this for yourself as the likes of Summerhouse24 can provide you with your very own sauna cabin. The 125sqm Paula cabin, for example, has three areas; a covered outdoor decked space perfect for a hot tub, an indoor section that would easily fit a massage table for those sumptuous face and body treatments you could have on the regular, and a dedicated sauna to the end. Blissful days await!

Create a seated sanctuary

seating outdoor
Create your sanctuary with super comfortable seating

You may be looking to utilise your garden room in a number of ways, be it for peaceful moments to yourself in which to read, meditate or practice yoga, enjoy gatherings for friends, or create quality moments with family. What makes this space ideal for this use is the fact that the room is set away from the house, therefore providing you with a space of no distractions. Create your sanctuary with super comfortable seating, include an egg chair, floor cushions and blankets along with décor that emphasises nature within this luxury retreat of yours.  

Get to work

Young woman working from home
Deck it out with a desk, chair, any equipment required for your job, a kettle or coffee machine and mini fridge

As mentioned above, garden rooms make for the ideal space to work from home as they provide a peaceful place away from your house, allowing for maximum concentration. Deck it out with a desk, chair, any equipment required for your job, a kettle or coffee machine and mini fridge as well as a seating area for those moments of reflection. Make the space welcoming, elegant and comfortable – you are spending many hours here after all.

Have fun at the bar

Garden rooms can be an excellent space for entertaining friends and family

Bring the party home by creating a swanky bar in your grounds and make this a place to entertain and have some fun. Garden rooms with a covered outdoor area would be perfect here as you can add some outdoor seating to be used on warmer days, and when colder, wetter days hit, this could make for a great hideaway. Add indoor seating, optics, traditional pub games and make sure you have music and lighting to suit your décor at the ready for those fun-filled days and nights at your very own bar.