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6 new gadgets to make your home smarter in 2019

By LLM Reporters on 10th June 2019

There’s no denying that our homes are getting smarter. It starts with a smart speaker, and before long you decide you need a smart TV so you get even more functionality, then you add smart light bulbs into the mix. Before you know it, you’re controlling your whole home with an app. Such is the infectious charm of smart technology.

According to one study, nearly a quarter of US homes are already using a smart speaker. The vast majority use them to listen to music (90%) but some are also interested in getting real-time information about the news and weather. If you’re already on the smart speaker wagon and want to know what else you can do to automate more of your home, read on to discover 6 new gadgets that are set to be huge in 2019.

Smart light bulbs

The first ever smart lighting system was the clapper. This simple device allowed you to turn the light on and off just by clapping your hands. Smart lighting is a lot more intelligent these days, allowing you to create the perfect lighting atmosphere. You can either control it from an app, or you can automate the process. You can dim the lights in the evening, turn the lights a certain colour when you’re watching a movie, or even deter burglars by turning your lights on and off when you aren’t home. Once you’ve upgraded your light bulbs and added a home hub, the possibilities are endless.

Smart meter

All of this smart technology is ideal for helping us to save money. But smart meters are a great way to visualise exactly how much energy you are using. Rather than relying on the user interface found on your usual energy meter, which is usually outside the home and doesn’t offer much insight, a smart meter brings this into the home and tells you how much energy you are using at that very moment. You can set budgets so that you curb your energy use, or challenge yourself to save energy every day.

Smart thermostat

Similar to the smart meter, a smart thermostat can help you to save money on your heating bills. It takes control of your heating and allows you to make changes from an app on your phone. So if your plans change and you won’t be home until late at night, you can delay your heating and save money. Or, if you left the house with a nagging feeling that you left the heating on full blast, a quick glance at your phone will allow you to fix this. Pair this with YourRepair boiler and central heating cover with their free annual service and you have a recipe for lower heating bills and fewer breakdowns!

Smart TV

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Tired of always losing the remote control? You’re not alone! Switching to a smart TV will allow you to break free from the controller and manage everything with your voice. Find your favourite channels, find movies on platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime, or simply turn the volume up just by asking nicely. Some smart TVs integrate with your smart speaker, and some take voice commands through the remote control, so don’t go throwing it away just yet!

Smart Fridge

Ever get to the supermarket and realise you have no idea what’s in the fridge? To avoid always having twice as much mayonnaise as you need and to help cut down on food waste, a smart fridge camera can help. A smart fridge lets you take a peek at the contents from anywhere using a simple smartphone app. And if you’re pretty territorial about your food, you can even check that no one is stealing your favourite food! The Samsung Family Hub even has a large touch screen on the front displaying what is inside. You can also use it to get a weather update, watch videos on YouTube or play music.

Smart security

With so much extra tech in your home, you’d be wise to want to protect it. Security cameras are a great start, but they don’t do much to actively prevent crime, they only really deter criminals. Having footage of a crime in progress is likely to only frustrate you further. What you need is smart security. This kind of security system can automatically alert you when the cameras detect activity. You then have a choice to turn on a security light, sound an alarm, or even speak to the snooper.

According to this ex-criminal, smart security really does deter thieves, but only if you advertise it. Don’t throw away the stickers in the box that let criminals know they are being watched. Video footage is great for catching criminals, but advertising the cameras is one of the best ways to convince the opportunists to think twice about breaking into your home.