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9 modern, innovative and luxurious décor ideas for your home

By LLM Reporters  |  March 18, 2021

Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, those who take pride in their homes will always be keen to keep them looking on-trend and sophisticated. And when it comes to injecting style and personality into one’s abode, there are many ways in which this can be achieved, from fanciful flooring to unique wall décor to a combination of different design trends.

If you feel as though your home needs an injection of something to take the design up a notch, but you’re not quite sure where to start, then we are here to help with nine innovative ideas to give your home a modern and luxurious look.

1. Add colour to the floor

Who says that colour within the décor has to be in furnishings and walls only? When it comes to adding your own sense of style to your home, trying mixing it up a little by adding colour to the floors. We aren’t talking about a dated pink carpet to balk at, but how about elevating those floors with a stylish rug that offsets some otherwise neutral interior design? Try cushions and/or curtains with similar shades to complement the look and bring in tones from colourful artworks to create an abode that looks professionally designed.

colourful lounge
Mix colours and patterns as you see fit – your home can reflect your personality as little or as much as you like

2. Go striking in small places with artsy wallpapers

Sometimes a bold statement is best made in a small area, and this may seem like a design rule-breaker, but it’s actually very effective. Darker and more vibrant and pattern-led wallpapers make for quite the impact when used sparingly such as within a powder room, as the alternative of using a bold pattern or shade in a larger space can be quite overwhelming.

Popular trends right now include those tuning into nature and the garden look with big floral patterns or tropical leaves being seen everywhere. Complement with floral scents in the room and real flowers and houseplants to delight all the senses.   

3. DNA on your walls

Yes, DNA portraits are a real thing, and we are loving the concept. The most unique form of art, DNA11 is a company that collect your DNA samples and produce portraits for you from a plethora of colour and size options before delivering them to your doorstep. You can be sure that no two artworks will ever be alike – a must for anyone who thrives on creating interiors that aren’t replicated across the country.

Put your stamp on your home and make it work for you

4. Try experimenting with patterns

Up the visual interest in a room by layering up different patterns to keep the eye interested, but not overwhelmed. This idea works well in the main living areas or any space where you invite guests and can be used to build up a focal point in the room. Play around and see what works for you and if you’re mixing an array of patterns, perhaps keep the tones to a similar shade or at least those which pair well visually. This is an effective tool for adding interest to your room, as we are often afraid to have contrasting elements in our décor whereas it’s those contrasting elements that make it interesting to look at.

5. Display collectibles as showpieces

If you are a keen collector then you will surely want to display these unique finds throughout your home. Consider the varying ways in which such items can be displayed and be sure not to interfere with the overall look of a room – if you have a period piece, make sure it elevates the look rather than confuses it and keep similar style together. These are interesting talking points so don’t be afraid to hide them away for fear of damage, just keep anything too valuable as out of harm’s way as you can.

6. Mix time periods and trends

It can be tricky to know how best to decorate your home when you enjoy both classic and contemporary styles, but the two aren’t mutually exclusive and there are plenty of ways to include a variety of design trends in your décor without making a mess of it. Designers themselves are influenced by a range of time periods and styles and if you like the look of an Art Deco style chair against an element that is more suited to industrial style set up, that’s fine. Mid-century elements can be combined with more contemporary pieces to create a look that suits your style.  

lounge artwork
Don’t be afraid to blend styles to suit your own personal tastes

7. Floor-to-ceiling shelving

If you have plenty of those collectibles to showcase or you’re a keen reader (and you love the feel of a book rather than reading on a device), collector of gin, houseplants or other then install some floor to ceiling shelving to display said items. Make sure the shelves are well lit and colour co-ordinate where you can to make the area pleasing on the eye. It’s also important to apply the less is more approach to avoid the shelves looking too cluttered.

8. Use your walls as a canvas

Do you have a favourite artist? Perhaps celebrate this person by displaying some of your favourite pieces from their collection on your own walls. Anyone who enters your home will have their attention grabbed and any interesting art pieces will provide a great talking point. Another attention-grabber is to use wall murals to add your unique personality to your home and to transport you to other places.

9. Create a mirror wall

A little like a gallery wall with your favourite photos, a mirror wall will display your very own face, many times over. A dark shade on the walls works well here and mirrors in varying sizes with a range of frames and styles make the look work best. Try this look in a dining room or dressing room.