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A fresh start: 4 simple ways to refresh your home

By LLM Reporters on 24th January 2021

2020 may not have been the best of years, but as we see in 2021, it’s a chance to set some resolutions, and make a few changes to improve your mindset and lifestyle. So why not start with your home? A new year home makeover can have you feeling refreshed, revitalised and see yourself enjoy spending more time indoors. With these quick and easy ways to makeover your home, you’ll be leaving old rooms, and perhaps the old you, firmly in the past.

Start with a good clean


Spurred on by the beginning of a new year, this is the best time to have a declutter, sort out and clean of your home. This not only serves as a chance to move around the layout of your rooms, but is also the best way to prepare for some decorating, as well as new and improved furnishings. Invest in some stylish, but clever, storage solutions to keep mess to a minimum – this will improve your mindset as well as the atmosphere of your home.

Style with furnishings

Who says redecorating needs to be complicated? A simple and easy way to bring your personality into a room is with cushions, curtains, rugs and throws. Play with different textures, patterns and colours. If you want to keep things simple, say with a plain fabric for your curtains, try adding a decorative or contrasting tie-back to uplift the look of your room. A quick, cost-effective trick for your living room is to swap out or update your cushions, adding round cushions of different sizes will automatically change the appearance of the room.

Hotel chic is one décor style that you can take as inspiration for your bedroom. This relies heavily on the texture of fabric, as it involves crisp, clean white linen on the bed, with a coloured throw to complete the look. If you want to continue the hotel level of styling, then you can even splash out on some designer fabrics for the furnishings, to add a touch of luxury to any room.

Pot plants and hanging baskets

As we spend more time indoors, 2021 will certainly see a trend of natural inspiration when it comes to home design, to bring more of the outside in. Adding plants to your space is always an effective way to refresh a room with natural green vibrancy and little effort (especially if they’re fake ones). Plus, the different pots, planters and stands can add some fun and a splash of colour. Tight on surface space? Hanging baskets are also a popular choice, adding both earthy tones from the plants themselves, but also the texture of the rope in which they hang from. They’re a great addition to forgotten areas of a bathroom, in particular.

Flora and fauna have also made their way into the patterns of fabrics and wallpapers of 2021, as well as natural materials for furniture choices. If the new you wants a reinforced bond with nature, this is also another great way to incorporate it into your life at home.

Effective lighting

Bring your room back to life with some improved lighting. Simply change a regular lamp shade to something that has a bit more character, colour or pattern. If you want to take it the next level, look at refreshing any outdated ceiling lights also, as the right light can make your room seem open and airy – the perfect atmosphere for 2021. On the other hand, a lamp adds a welcoming glow as you enter a room. A handy trick to know is to layer different lighting at varying levels. Couple tall floor lamps in dark corners with smaller, decorative lamps on side tables.