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A Q&A with luxury swimming pool & spa designer David Brogan

Aqua Platinum

David Brogan is technical director at luxury swimming pool design and build company Aqua Platinum, where he oversees the design of every pool on which the company works. Aqua Platinum has built up a reputation for some of the finest commercial and residential swimming pool installations in the UK.

David’s passion is working with clients in order to create unique designs that blend the latest technologies with the look and feel of the property that the pool is being designed for, whether it’s a listed building or a plush, newly built apartment complex.

We spoke to David about the latest trends in the home pool and spa market, what inspires him and what to look out for in terms of swimming pool technology.

What first inspired you to get involved in swimming pool design?

I’ve been a keen swimmer since I was a child. As I went through school, I became fascinated by design and knew that I wanted a career that allowed me to use my creative side. Swimming pool and spa design was the natural outcome. Working in this role allows me to create truly unique designs that are shaped to suit a wide range of properties – each new home presents a different challenge, which is really inspiring.

Aqua Platinum
From concept to completion, Aqua Platinum deliver fully managed swimming pool and spa construction

How long does the process take, from initial design to final installation?

The length of the overall process can vary hugely depending on the client’s requirements. A simple outdoor pool is much faster to design and build than an underground spa complex complete with moveable floor! As a general guideline, our work with residential clients lasts anywhere from 12 weeks to over two years.

What has been the most luxurious feature that you’ve included in a pool or home spa?

We’ve installed some incredibly luxurious features over the years. We worked on an indoor pool for one client that included gold mosaic tiles in an octopus pattern. Another job that stands out is the client whose pool area will include a natural stone wall inlaid with Swarovski crystals.

What are the top trends right now when it comes to swimming pool design?

Home spas are hugely popular. The idea of building wellness facilities into your own home no longer covers just pools. Saunas, steam rooms and experience showers are all very much in demand.

We’re also getting a lot of attention for our aquarium walls and fire walls. Pools and home spas work wonderfully with elemental design aspects such as these. Incorporating features like this can create a fantastic atmosphere in any home spa or pool area.

How is technology impacting on the future of pool design?

Technology is allowing for some great innovations in terms of pool design. Moveable floors are hot property right now and that trend looks set to pick up speed as the technology allows for an ever increasing array of features, from more intricate curves to multiple sets of steps.

Swim training systems are big news at the moment too. These systems increase resistance in the water and are ideal for building up strength or for those recovering from injury. They’re also a great addition to smaller pools where swimming lengths isn’t really viable. This is definitely a future trend that’s set to boom.

Aqua Platinum
Aqua Platinum has built up a reputation for some of the finest commercial and residential swimming pool installations in the UK

Finally, what are the finishing touches that really perfect an indoor pool or home spa?

Lighting is really important, whether it’s halo lighting around the edge of a pool to create an ambient glow, or twinkly LED lights in the ceiling of a sauna or steam room. The right lighting is essential to the overall impact of the design.

We’re also working a lot with scent systems at the moment. We use essence dosing to create that wonderful health spa smell in home spas, with eucalyptus proving particularly popular.

With residential swimming pool and spa design, it’s about creating a haven for all the senses – only then do I consider a design to be truly complete.

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