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A touch of luxe to heat your home

When it comes to giving our homes a makeover or quick refresh, it can be easy to get caught up in making small changes or quick fixes to elements such as paint colours, wallpaper, and carpeting.

Whilst these features are integral to renovating the look of any space, it can be disappointing to work on this decor, and even go as far as refitting a room with new or bespoke furniture, and for the space to still feel a little tired. Is there any worse feeling than investing in redecorating and finally having a beautifully designed space, only for eyes to be drawn to an eyesore in the corner of the room – a clunky, old-fashioned radiator.

Though radiators can be painted to fit seamlessly into the room, there is no denying that a modern, sleek home full of clean lines is not the best-suited place for a standard radiator.

A vertical radiator can be a viable option for almost every possible space

Nowadays, there is an abundance of modern radiator designs available to choose from, and homeowners don’t have to simply ‘make do’ with the original radiators found within their homes, nor do they have to cover them with dated radiator covers which diminish the styling of the room. Adding unrivalled style without compromising on functionality and heating efficiency in the home, modern design radiators offer high-heat output and are simple to install.

Furnishing a room with vertical radiators is a highly effective way to create an edgier look whilst also maximising floor space. Tall radiators which sit against the height of the wall are extremely versatile, as they don’t devour heaps of space and are an ideal option for keeping even the smallest of rooms warm and inviting.

A vertical radiator can be a viable option for almost every possible space. There are numerous benefits, including the fact they heat up quickly even in the coldest winter months. As modern radiators (not just those that are vertical) are available in aluminium and not only steel, they heat up much quicker and can provide an effective burst of warmth in a short period of time.

With more and more companies providing the option of vertical radiators, this style of heating is becoming very prevalent in UK homes

With more and more companies providing the option of vertical radiators, this style of heating is becoming very prevalent in UK homes. Available in any number of designs, a vertical radiator is no longer limited to the bathroom. Some vertical radiators even feature full-length mirrors within them!

Horizontal radiators have also seen drastic developments in terms of design, as well as their efficiency at heating the home. Today’s horizontal radiator is as far from the straightforward, boxy radiator as can be: available to purchase in a range of styles, sizes and finishes to complement the decor of any type of room.

Similarly to vertical radiators, modern horizontal radiators are more efficient and much more reliable than the older panel design of the past. A broad array of styles can be seen in any showroom, from contemporary looks to sleeker panel designs, all of which are usually customisable to be finished in your preferred style.

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A radiator is a great way to complete the look of any bathroom

Perhaps the most popular option for those looking for a radiator which makes a statement, is the ‘chrome look’ or mirrored radiator. Ultra-modern, polished, and extremely stylish, the silver and chrome design still maintains heat within the home just the same as all traditionally styled radiators.

The high-fashion feel to a mirrored radiator is effective in immediately adding a ‘design’ element to your space, as well as being very functional for use in bathrooms and bedrooms. With their eye-catching lustre, chrome radiators will undoubtedly become the centrepiece of a room, even from their wall-side position! Whether you want to simply have a radiator in the bathroom that has a dual-purpose, saving wall space where a mirror would have been, or if you want to make an eclectic statement in your living area, a chrome radiator will certainly do the trick.

With endless combinations of customisation possible with every modern radiator, homemakers will be sure to find, or create, a quality radiator that fits perfectly within their home.