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As retro home design makes a comeback in 2022, here’s how to incorporate it into your luxury home

From opulent furniture with a fun twist to sophisticated décor with a nod to colour and pattern, these are the essential elements you need to nail the retro aesthetic.

By LLM Reporters  |  January 21, 2022
retro home

Each new year invariably brings with it a plethora of exciting home design trends – and alongside the new, we often witness the return of a much-loved trend from times gone by. This year, it’s all about retro – a nostalgic trend that is reminiscent of the 50s and 60s, and that brings with it an array of interesting shapes, bold colours and stand out statements that are guaranteed to transform your living room, bedroom or home office into a place you’ll just love to spend time in.

Making its way firmly into the luxury interior design space for 2022, we’re seeing high-end and designer brands already embracing the trend as the year gets underway, and you won’t have to look far for inspiration. From opulent furniture with a fun twist to sophisticated décor with a nod to colour and pattern, these are the essential elements you need to nail the aesthetic.

From materials to colour to style, getting a trend spot on can be hard to achieve, but effective when accomplished

Whimsical furniture

The luxury retro home leans toward fanciful furnishings and a whimsical design aesthetic that is playful and fun without compromising on style. In a move away from the edgy and modern pieces of furniture we’ve been favouring of late, 2022 sees a return to bold, curvy shapes and colours and a departure from the classic look that we’ve perhaps most often associated with luxury. The new luxe is all about the outlandish, and with a nod to pop culture, current events and the like, it’s time to get creative with expensive statement pieces from some of the world’s top designers.

The function is rarely more important than the form and style of the furniture. Many retro-inspired designers have been known to create wholly impractical pieces, purely for visual impact – so if you’re eager to embrace the trend then be prepared to throw caution to the wind and start seeing your furniture as art.

Muted colours meet playful brights

The retro style is often associated with bright colours – and rightly so. But a more neutral, muted colour palette has a central role to play, too, with browns and beiges juxtaposed with burnt oranges and mustard yellows for an authentic 1960s feel.

As a general rule, the hues to go for shouldn’t be overly bright, yet should still be full of colour. With this approach, individual colours won’t overpower one another, but you’ll still be able to achieve that satisfying clash for a fun and playful vibe overall. Such colours help to give the home a fun and playful vibe as they mix what most would consider to be incompatible colours.

retro lounge
Heavy and dramatic patterns lend themselves well to retro homes

Heavily patterned walls and floors

Heavy and dramatic patterns lend themselves well to retro homes. Repeated prints featuring florals and geometric shapes are synonymous with the trend and make for a great excuse to liven up walls and furnishings. Wallpaper, in particular, is set to make a return in 2022 – but if the idea of busy prints on all four walls leaves you breaking out in a cold sweat, then choose one surface and make it a feature wall, then paint or paper the others in a more neutral and pared down block shade.

Bold graphics and neon lights

Bold graphics with a flat feel are very common in retro style. These distinctive accent pieces are brought to life using dimension and colour and commonly take inspiration from pop culture. Think And Warhol prints and Roy Lichtenstein pop art, and you’re on the right track. To avoid overkill, choose one stand-out print for each room and design the space around it, allowing it to do the talking and make a real statement.

neon sign
A common feature within retro spaces is a neon sign

A common feature within retro spaces, neon signs have often been thought of as tacky – but in the right setting, they, too, can certainly lend themselves to a luxury abode, and even enhance the overall aesthetic.

Nostalgic décor

The general idea of a retro design aesthetic is to give a nod to a time gone by – and what better way to do so than with some nostalgic décor? Bold, curvy lamps, colourful old-school clocks and radios and furniture with rounded edges are all choices that will help to create the vibe, while record players and old pieces of art will make for the perfect finishing touches.

The key to keeping it luxury? Source unique, one-of-a-kind pieces from your favourite high-end designers, and invest in expensive tactile fabrics and furnishings to add an extra dose of opulence. But above all, don’t be afraid to have fun with your styling – because these days, it’s possible to enjoy the best of both.