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Bed maker Warren Evens launches new range & outlines top tips for a great night’s sleep

Award winning London bed maker Warren Evans has launched the new JOY premium mattress. Already recognised by WHICH? members as one of the top 3 best mattress retailers, the JOY is sure to delight those looking for a luxuriously comfortable sleep.

This top of the range ‘no turn’ mattress has 6000 independent ‘special support’ pocket springs and hand-tufted fillers made from silk and cashmere for a firm and fabulous sleep. The mattress also has 2 separate rows of hand side-stitched borders to help keep the mattress in shape and allow it to respond precisely to the weight and contours of your body. While the Orthofirm temperature regulating comfort layers and vents ensure maximum breathability.

On top of a great night’s sleep, this mattress is also low maintenance. There is no need to turn it – simply rotate it every couple of weeks. Likewise, due to the premium level of support and comfort, this mattress is ideal for back and joint pain sufferers.

The JOY mattress comes with a 5-year no-quibble guarantee. And, as with all Warren Evans quality Pocket Sprung and Coil mattresses, customers also benefit from their authentic 120-night mattress trial. Currently, on sale at £695, but check their website for more details.

Try the JOY mattress created by award winning London bed maker Warren Evens.
Try the JOY mattress created by award winning London bed maker Warren Evens.

Need a new mattress? Sleep expert, Dave Gibson shares some expert tips:

Test your sleep position
Lie on the mattress for at least 10 minutes in your natural sleep position to see if you’re still feel comfortable after this amount of time.

Test the type of mattress
Does spring or foam work best for you? This is an important factor in maximising the chances of having a great night’s sleep.

Choosing the right size bed
Get as wide a bed and mattress as your room will allow. If there are two adults in a double bed, then by default you will only have as much room as a baby in a cot. The Sleep Naturally national sleep study found that 66% of people experience disturbed sleep due to their bed’s quality and size. Couples sharing double beds are 49% more likely to be woken by their partner (4 nights a week or more) than those in king-size beds or larger. Also, 87% of those people who blame their bed size on their partner waking them are sleeping in smaller beds.

Getting the right pillows
Your pillows are equally as important as your mattress and they need to work together with whatever mattress you purchase and whichever position you sleep in.

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