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Bellarose Frames: Bespoke illustrations designed to add the wow factor to any home

By LLM Reporters  |  July 29, 2020
Bellarose Frames

What makes a house a home is a question that is regularly posed, and one that is simple to answer. While a house is simply four walls, a home embodies everything and everyone that sits inside, from carefully collected ornaments and artworks to the people and pets who reside there.

When considering any upgrades to your home décor, it’s important to remember that it should entirely reflect who you are and your interests, offering personal touches and something unique to you, while providing that relaxing space you so desire.

Your home should be a comfortable haven from the outside world with photos and unique artworks displayed throughout evoking happy memories, drawing a smile with each glance and creating a talking point for those who visit.

Bellarose Frames

If you’re looking for a bespoke piece of art that achieves just this, then look to Bellarose Frames to provide a personalised illustration for your home. While popular canvases of smiling children and family will never grow old, the likes of Bellarose Frames are looking to bring something all that more special into your home.

How do they accomplish this? As Bellarose Frames says: “We are the only company that specialise in hand illustrations, we can draw from a photo or from your imagination and we are proud to produce art that is personalised and also different to look unique and perfect in your home.”

More popular styles include delightfully drawn joined hands of family members with skin tones beautifully coloured sitting simply on a white background. As mentioned, these images can be either taken directly from a photograph or described in detail to allow the artist to craft the one-off piece so don’t worry about setting up a photo shoot – the specialists know what to do here.

Bellarose Frames

A baby’s hand can be drawn to display their hospital bracelet with date of birth or other notable details, while a pair of hands holding a baby is another popular picture. New designs are now available, and you can choose to immortalise yourself or a loved one with a character picture of themselves. Not to be confused with a caricature, these images are expertly drawn to show the best parts of a person, all with guidance from the customer to provide the ideal gift.

Also creating illustrations for bereaved parents of lost babies as a special keepsake, these pieces really do provide something a unique, comforting and truly meaningful sentiment for those to commemorate their lost one. In addition to this, Bellarose can add angel wings to a piece and also includes their signature feather for lost ones in with the order. A touching extra to show their support and one which is appreciated by their customers with one review stating: “honestly thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts! The frame is absolutely amazing something we can look at and treasure for the rest of our lives!! The feathers as an extra touch literally made me ball (sic) my eyes out!! It’s a special frame, thank you again.”

Whether as a gift for a loved one or something for your own home, you can be sure that each piece of art is treated with care and attention offering great detail and eye-catching design. No doubt, once friends and family spot your framed illustration they will fall in love and want their own version so be prepared to spot similar art in your friends’ homes!

Bellarose Frames

Not only have the gorgeous personalised pictures been provided for the masses but the company holds celebrity fans too with the likes of Samantha Faeirs, MTV’s Chloe Patton and Real Housewives of Cheshire favourite, Ester Dee possessing their own Bellarose framed piece. One happy customer commented: “I have just received my bellarose frame today and it honestly is beautiful and brings a special touch into our home. I would recommend this company too (sic) everyone that would like to bring a special moment to life in a frame and too (sic) keep forever. Thank you again bellarose frames it really is perfect”.

The perfect way to immortalise what means most to you – your family – and to proudly present it in your home, Bellarose Frames’ illustrations not only tap into the heart but provide a memorable piece of artwork for the home too. Head to their website today and you’ll find a super simple ordering process to order your unique piece of art to treasure.