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Bring the spa home with these high-tech luxury devices


With a little effort, you can turn your bathroom from an overlooked space in your home to a soothing escape from the stress of everyday life – just by including a few new gadgets. Treat yourself to a sophisticated spa experience with these high-tech luxury devices.

Luxury steam shower

Open up your pores and loosen your muscles with an in-home steam room. This is one of the most luxurious experiences you can have in your own bathroom, making you feel like you’ve just enjoyed an entire day at the spa. Whether you’re an active person looking to unwind after a hard workout or you’re just looking for a better way to clear your mind after a long day at the office, a luxury steam shower is the perfect addition to your home bathroom.


Aromatherapy uses your sense of smell to create therapeutic effects – and chromatherapy does the same thing, but with color. Through LEDs installed in your tub or shower, chromatherapy cycles through colors to help balance your energy. Some colors will create a more tranquil, relaxing environment, while others will provide an invigorating boost of energy. Even if you think natural therapies are nothing more than pseudoscience, you’ll appreciate a more magical shower or bath experience.

Open up your pores and loosen your muscles with an in-home steam room

Shower speakers

Installing sleek, water-resistant speakers in your shower can completely change the mood of your experience. Start the day with some high-energy music while you get ready for work, and relax before bed with some soothing nature sounds or a little soft jazz – no matter what kind of atmosphere you’re hoping to create, a set of shower speakers can help you get there.

Towel warming drawer

This sounds excessively extravagant, but it’s a fairly simple little feature that can make a huge difference when you’re looking for a bit of added luxury at the end of a long day. With a heated drawer, not only will your towels be organized and tucked away, but they’ll be nice and toasty when you want to wrap yourself up after a bath or a shower.

Vanity mirror TV

With a television screen built in flush with the glass, this vanity does double-duty holding all your necessary bathroom goods while giving you the opportunity to catch up on the news or watch your favorite show while you’re brushing your teeth. And when you’re not watching it, the screen completely disappears and your vanity goes right back to being just a mirror.

In-shower TV

Take it a step further by including a screen right in your shower. Integrated right into a mirror, this television looks discreet when it’s not in use – and whenever you want, you can enjoy a bit of entertainment while you relax in a hot shower. Start your day on a good note by watching a fun morning show as you wash your hair.

Luxury toilet

You can find toilets on the market now that offer a much more pleasant experience. These toilets feature things like lids that open and close automatically, automatic flushing, a heated seat, a nightlight, and even the ability to pump in electrolyzed water to keep the bowl spotlessly clean.

luxury toilet
Every bathroom needs a luxury toilet

Water-conscious showerhead

New technology has allowed for the creation of showerheads that utilize a specific wave pattern that can generate the feeling of more water – without actually using more of this precious resource. Reduce your impact on the environment and enjoy a deeply soothing shower experience with this kind of showerhead.

Remote-controlled shower

You can start your car without having to go out in the cold – and now, you can start your shower in the same way. Before you even get out of bed, get your shower warmed up by turning it on remotely. You’ll be able to set the perfect temperature and water pressure without even stepping into your shower, making your transition from cozy bed to the outside world just a little more enjoyable.


There is a huge range of products provided by Vidalux that will elevate your home bathroom to create a more luxurious spa experience. With Whirlpool Steam Showers, Hydro Shower Cabins, and plenty of accessories to upgrade your devices, you’ll find exactly what you need with their high-quality designs.