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Bring yachting luxury into your home this summer

By LLM Reporters  |  May 1, 2021
Image Credit: Lee Savage

The jet-set will be heading out on their superyachts this summer to St. Tropez, Sardinia, the Caribbean or some other equally fabulous locale, but if you’re planning to staycation this year instead, follow these simple tips from world-renowned yacht designer Patrick Knowles to bring the luxuries of life on the sea into your home this season.

Streamline and stow

Large yacht
Bring the luxuries of life on the sea into your home this season. Image credit: Dana Jinkins

A yacht is meant to be peaceful and relaxing, a near-impossible accomplishment in a space that is filled with too many unnecessary distractions. Take some time to store and organise everything that has been filling your space, particularly your countertops and table surfaces (don’t worry – we all have busier areas in our homes after quarantine!). It may seem like a chore at first, but as you start to see more empty space, and you feel a sense of calm come over you, it is worth every moment.

Get a little nauti 

Living room on a yacht
Think about each detail when decorating and don’t go too overboard with nautical elements. Image credit: Billy Black

You can’t have a true yacht vibe without some nautical themed design, but it is easy to become kitschy with this style. Limit the number of anchors and sailboat designs you use and instead opt for shades of blue, accents in red, coral, yellow, white/off-white, and materials like woods and metallics, particularly in silver, bronze and brass. 

Don’t forget to play with textures too – a bowl of sea glass, a jute rug, rope trim, light linens, woven furnishings are trending in 2021 – crystals and raw rocks. There are endless options. 

Sun salutations

Photo of outdoor furniture and drinks
Expand your living space into the great outdoors. Image credit: Billy Black

Coffee on the sun deck, dinner on the aft deck, spending the day outside enjoying the fresh air, this is what superyacht dreams are made of. Sitting inside a yacht with the blinds closed, never stepping outside defeats the purpose, and yet so many do just that at home, ignoring the luxury of nature that exists for all.

As we head into the summer season it’s time to expand your nautical theme and living space beyond your walls and into the great outdoors. The set-up is simple – a perfectly comfortable chair, a table to house necessities and a tray to add a touch of elegance to it all. Whether you set up a simple chaise lounge to sunbathe on or a full outdoor bar or entertainment experience, being outside more often, even for just five to ten minutes in the sun, is scientifically proven to boost your serotonin – a key factor in feelings of well-being. That means that whether you have acres of land in the countryside or a charmingly tiny patio in an NYC apartment, you can have the same benefits as a yacht owner – increased happiness and a great tan.

It’s all in the details

Chef dish and wine being served
Stock your fridge with delicacies and create chef-style dishes. Image credit: Alexis Andrews

Life on a yacht is so opulent because every little detail has been thought of to make your time onboard feel special. Rolling your towels instead of folding them will give a spa-like feeling to your home. Smaller versions of the outdoor serving tray can serve to wrangle bedside or bathroom accessories giving every room an organised aesthetic. Scented candles and fresh flower arrangements in every room will make you smile at every turn. Cut fruit transforms cocktails at home into something you’d get poolside at a five-star resort, while a fridge stocked with delicacies you rarely stock up on will make summer meals feel like you’re being spoiled by a world-class yacht chef.

The good stuff

cocktail and a towel on a subbed
Enjoy your time outdoors with a drink and relax in the sun. Image credit: Billy Black

Yacht life means everything is top-notch every step of the way, so this summer it is time to take out the good china and crystal glassware. No more waiting for a special occasion or an evening of entertaining. You alone deserve the best of the best, every single day. Open the wine you’ve been saving, light some candles outside, put on some ambient music and enjoy a drink and perhaps a charcuterie board while you enjoy the fresh air. Life is good. 

The most important thing to remember is that luxury is not simply just tangible items, it is a mindset. Once your space is complete, give yourself the absolute most luxurious thing possible – some relaxing time to enjoy it! 

About the author

Patrick Knowles

Seasoned and established in the global yachting scene, Patrick Knowles and team (Patrick Knowles Designs) have produced award-winning designs and recognitions for a broad stable of both domestic and international clients who have become long time collaborators and retained clientele.

With beginnings in designing aircraft interiors for private, VIP and head of state sectors, Patrick’s ability to capture and interpret the imagination of the world’s most discerning clients made a crossover into the luxury yachting market a smooth transition, and he has since worked with numerous shipyards in Europe, the Americas and beyond, collaborating with the likes of Burger Yachts, Christensen, Delta Marine, Feadship, Viking, ISA Shipyard, Palmer Johnson and more.