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Choosing art to suit your luxe interior

By LLM Reporters  |  February 18, 2021
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If you feel like your space needs a spruce up, deciding to change a few things on the walls can be a fantastic way to make a huge impact. With a luxe interior, finding art pieces will need to be more intentional to maintain the luxe theme throughout your home. If anything, nothing says luxurious and elegant like beautiful artwork.

When deciding on the wall prints and art pieces you love, the rest of your decorating will be a lot easier. However, there are so many beautiful options to go for, deciding will be the most challenging part.

Whatever your preferred art style, we are here to help you. Read on for some tips on how to choose the right art for your home.

Consider the sizing

The size of the art you choose can make or break a room. If you have large, neutral walls, picking small pieces will quickly look out of place. It’s essential to be aware of your wall’s dimensions beforehand.

If a room looks empty due to bare walls, filling them up with larger art pieces can make an incredible difference and bring life to the room. Art on neutral walls can also create a feeling of cosiness and warmth in a room that may have felt cold and empty before.

If you prefer smaller pieces of art, that’s not a problem; you just need to be strategic about placing them. Perhaps putting many smaller artworks together, to fill up a naked wall, is more suited to you and will still bring that feeling of warmth.

If you feel like your space needs a spruce up, deciding to change a few things on the walls can be a fantastic way to make a huge impact

Match your natural style

Choosing artwork and wall prints can be a personal experience, and your selections can express your style or interests. Plus, the pieces will probably be in your home for long periods, so it is wise to make choices that you’re happy with.

If you are a minimalist and enjoy the subtlety of art pieces, going for muted colours and simple designs can tie your luxe interior together. Art is genuinely what you want it to be, and there aren’t any rules for choosing your pieces.

The style should come naturally to you to reflect how the rest of your home feels. On the other hand, you can also experiment with prints and art pieces in bright colours or interesting textures, to create a fascinating contrast between your luxe interior and your walls. The choice is yours, and either will look amazing.

Focus on the room

Different rooms also call for different kinds of art. If a luxe interior runs throughout your home, keeping a theme in your chosen pieces can be a beautiful way to remain consistent.

However, if you want to branch out, you can choose pieces depending on what room they’ll be going into. For example, you won’t necessarily choose the same artwork for your living area as you would for your bathroom. Your living area is like the heart of the house, and the art placed here will be a talking point for everyone who visits.

For rooms that take up more of the focus, you might want to go for bolder, more exciting pieces, while for other rooms, like bathrooms or studies, choosing art that calms you and inspires you will work here. And if you have been gifted a beautiful piece of art then this adds another dimension to your interiors and an exciting opportunity to work it onto your décor. From ornate and intricate Islamic gifts to statuettes and photography, there are many styles of art and gifts that you can be presented with and finding a respectful and fitting way to incorporate such items can be very rewarding.

Consider the artwork and choose a frame that is going to emphasise the beauty of it

Do not underestimate the frame

Choosing the artwork is important but ensuring that it is framed in something that matches your space’s elegance is essential. In fact, the frame is just as important as the artwork inside it and both need to complement each other.

Consider the artwork and choose a frame that is going to emphasise the beauty of it. You can go for a sleek black frame that will allow the art to take centre stage. Or, you could go for something a little bolder, still within the lines of your interior, but something that may attract a person’s eye more and captivate them.

Choosing your wall prints and artworks to suit your luxe interior can be an exciting process. Take your time when deciding on your pieces and be intentional about their placement and positioning. All these elements work in harmony together to create an utterly luxurious environment for you to enjoy for years to come.