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Choosing the right window shutters for your home

Interior window shutters, they’re as beautiful as they are practical and have become one of the most popular interior design choices in the home.

From blocking external light and even noise, shutters have an incredible practical function as well as a high-end design element in the home and unlike what many people say, they can be installed in quite literally any home regardless of the style or design. The only thing to consider is the particular style of shutter you choose to go for.

The right window shutter for you

The differences between different window shutters are usually down to aesthetics however, there are some differences in function and use. We spoke to the experts at Diamond Shutters for a rundown of the different styles available and where they’re best used.

Café-Style Shutters

Café-style are loved for their rural appeal. They leave the upper half of your windows totally uncovered and provide the privacy needed in the lower half of your windows. With this style, you can guarantee on a lot of light still being let into your home with the privacy you’d expect from full height shutters. As they only cover the lower half of your windows too, they’re also a much more affordable option. They’re great for providing that much needed privacy in homes that may sit directly on the pavement.

Tier-on-Tier Shutters

When it comes to tier on tier shutters, their flexibility is what usually makes them a popular choice. They have upper and lower panels, which are independent of each other, this allows people to enjoy a little privacy while letting in maximum light. This level of flexibility is greatly appreciated by a number of users and will continue to ensure Tier-on-Tier’s popularity for years to come.

Solid Window Shutters

Solid shutters are installed in one solid unit or as a solid lower slatted, upper combination. This allows for a little light to enter even when the blinds are completely shut. Solid shutters are perhaps one of the most desired options for their French appeal however, if you’re looking more toward flexibility in terms of light and privacy, they may not be the best choice for yourself.

Tracked Window Shutters

Tracked shutters are best for wide windows or doors and other long openings over two metres. Tracked are, as their name would suggest, placed on a track system, which allows them to glide along for much smoother opening and folding actions. They can be either fully closed or fully open for maximum privacy or maximum light.

Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters are ideal as an option to cover the entire window. They’re extremely elegant and classic in design. These are a great choice for those wanting a shutter over the entire window, in a more traditional setting. If your home is more on the contemporary side, they may not necessarily look as at home.

Contact Diamond Window Shutters For More Details

If you’re still struggling to decide on the right style shutter for your home, we suggest contacting the experts over at Diamond Shutters. They not only manufacture and install incredible quality shutters but they’re also the best team to ask when it comes to advice and guidance.

With a great number of years working with this particular interior addition, they know what works best for each client and will be happy to demonstrate just why so many people choose Diamond Shutters, again and again. Call 0208 3022447 today.