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Cocif: The leading Italian door brand injecting glamour into luxury homes

Cocif is a leading Italian door and windows manufacturer with 75 years of history.

By LLM Reporters  |  September 30, 2021
luxury italian doors

When it comes to designing and creating the luxury home of your dreams, the smaller details are just as important as the big ones – and while the colour palette and overall style are of course some of the first decisions you’ll need to make, your fixtures and fittings have the power to make or break the overall aesthetic.

One element to homes that is often overlooked is your choice of doors – but when you consider that they are the first thing both you and your guests will see when entering your home, and then again as they enter each individual room, it’s important they make the right impression and expertly contribute to the vibe you are striving to create.

While modern home design has been enjoying a surge in popularity over recent years, there’s no denying that the classic Italian approach to interior design will always have a place in luxury homes, and if you’re looking to upgrade your residence and inject a little European sunshine into the dreary season ahead, then it’s a great starting point. Respected European door and window manufacturer Cocif – which specialises in creating beautiful, hand-crafted Italian doors – says that adding unique and bespoke Italian doors throughout your home is an effortless way to ensure that it screams opulence at every turn.

The leading luxury Italian door and window manufacturer has enjoyed 75 glittering years of industry success, and has a plethora of worldwide awards and accolades under its belt thanks to the high quality of the doors and windows it offers.

Cocif is the leading Italian door and window manufacturer

An international player boasting an impressive catalogue of more than 300 different models, the company focuses on creating tailored doors by some of Italy’s most esteemed designers, including Gae Aulenti, Ettore Sottsass and Piero Lissoni, with each door expertly handcrafted by the company’s experienced master carpenters using selected, high-quality materials to create a breath-taking line-up.

What sets Cocif even further apart from the competition is the complete flexibility available to customers when it comes to finish, size, shape and colour. Whatever your requirements or tastes, its team of expert craftsmen will go out of their way to bring your vision to life, always ensuring that the classic and iconic Italian design is complemented.

And with today’s customers becoming ever-more discerning when it comes to seeking out sustainable ethics in the companies they shop with, it has also won itself a loyal clientbase thanks to its dedication to social responsibility, which focuses heavily on the use of ecologically sustainable materials, in-house production cycles co-powered by alternative energies, sourcing wood from controlled forests, and working only with rigorously certified suppliers.

With a passion for excellence, you can expect to receive only the best in both products and services from Cocif – so it’s little wonder the company has fast become the go-to for Italian style interior doors, as well as a range of other window and door solutions, over recent years.

If you’re considering investing in some Italian interior doors for your luxury home, then you might be wondering where to start – so we asked Cocif to break down the options to help you make the right choice.

Modern Italian doors

Modern Italian doors
With a clear minimalistic vocation, Cocif modern doors interact with contemporary styles in our homes

When you think of Italian doors, the mind tends to drift to the classic designs that have punctuated stylish and sophisticated homes on the Amalfi Coast and in the historic cities of Rome, Florence and Venice for centuries – but a modern and minimalistic twist is the perfect way to inject a dose of Italian glamour into your home if you prefer a more contemporary overall feel.

Modern Italian interior doors offer a greater freedom of choice when it comes to materials, colours and finishes, with a range of innovative new solutions available for those in search of something a little different. The absence of a frame, or an almost invisible one, ensures that these updated Italian doors exude a minimalistic and refined vibe that will blend seamlessly with more modern décor choices.

Wooden Italian doors

Wooden Italian doors
The Cocif collection of modern Italian style wooden doors embraces and meets every style and design need with over 60 finishes available

Wood is perhaps the most classic choice when it comes to Italian interior doors, and is a nod to the original features seen at older Italian properties that have managed to retain the glamour of times gone by.

From light oak to dark mahogany, along with walnut, tanganyika and rosewood, the Cocif collection comprises a choice of over 60 finishes and a variety of styles and designs in shades ranging from bold, bright options to pared down neutrals, with matt and rustic textures, lacquers and horizontal and vertical veins all yours for the choosing.

Glass and aluminium Italian doors

Glass and aluminium Italian doors
Contemporary elements and elegance perfectly coexist in Cocif’s glass and aluminum interior doors

Glass and aluminium are contemporary materials that can add an unexpected edge to a variety of Italian door designs, and the introduction of glass panels is a great way to allow extra light in if your home can sometimes feel a little dark.

The perfect choice for rooms such as home offices and porches, you can opt for clear, opaque or semi-opaque glass (the latter two being a good choice if you’re eager to retain a sense of privacy) – and with finishes including satin grey and bronze, grey and bronze reflex and transparent grey and etched, there is something to suit your luxury home, whatever the aesthetic you are going for.

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