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Composite decking: The key to elevating your holiday home garden from lacklustre to luxurious this summer

By LLM Reporters  |  May 19, 2021
Swimming Pool Terrace With Garden View

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to upgrade your garden ahead of those summer garden parties, barbecues and afternoon teas. If you’re anything like us, then you likely can’t wait to get back to playing host for those long-awaited social occasions, as lockdown and social distancing measures finally begin to ease and we can all enjoy a slice of normality once again.

Composite decking has become a key trend in luxury garden design over recent years, with property owners with an eye for aesthetics looking to install them in their homes. Offering up a sleek and sophisticated look and plenty of usable outdoor space, they have long been the preferred choice over old-fashioned patios, and this summer, we can expect to see sales enjoy a dramatic spike as we clamour to makeover our gardens to make the most of the sunny weather.

Holiday homes, in particular, are the ideal place to install composite decking, maximising your outdoor space during the summer months so that you can enjoy your outdoor time to its full potential. You certainly wouldn’t be the first person to consider a composite deck for their holiday home, and the best and most efficiently designed of the bunch have already tapped into the trend. Given that summer – the time we are usually at our holiday homes – is the season we spend more time outdoors than ever – it makes sense to up-level your garden area to accommodate you and your guests, and it seems that there are few better ways to do so.

Offering a plethora of advantages over traditional wooden decking and concrete slabs alike, here we take a look at the main reasons composite decking is experiencing such an increase in popularity – and why we can expect to see it in all of the most beautifully designed gardens by summer 2021.

Easy installation

Worker Installing Composite Wood Decking on Porch Steps
In a range of widths and sizes to suit individual needs, suppliers will measure your materials

Although composite decking comes at a higher price point than the alternatives, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for – and composite decking is a high quality solution that looks and feels the part.

Not only that, but it’s also quick and easy to install – so if you’re looking for a quick turnaround in time for summer, then it’s just the ticket. Available in a wide range of widths and sizes to suit individual needs, suppliers will measure and shape your materials according to your specification – which means no time needs to be wasted on cutting and sawing them yourself. Unlike wooden decking, foundations aren’t required before installing, either – all you need is a simple joist frame, and you’re good to go.

Composite decking is held in place by clips, which means that there is also no need for any drilling or nailing. As both of these can weaken materials and look untidy if not done correctly, this is an added bonus and will preserve the overall aesthetic – and with no need for treating or sanding, installation really couldn’t be much simpler.

Low maintenance

furnished outdoor terrace with wpc wood plastic composite decking boards
Composite decking requires little to no maintenance and will add luxury to your space

Maintenance levels are usually a key consideration for anyone considering a composite deck for their holiday home over other materials –  but the good news is that this modern type of decking is the biggest time-saver of the bunch.

Once installed, composite decking requires little to no maintenance, so it’s little wonder that it has become such a highly sought-after choice. While more traditional wooden decking may look the part, the maintenance requirements – from frequent power-washing to annual re-staining – can be a real drain on your valuable time, but composite decking frees you up to enjoy more time outdoors doing the things you enjoy – instead of the things you don’t.

The average person is estimated to spend up to 32 hours per year taking care of their wooden decking, whereas with composite decking, this is reduced to just two.

Traditional wooden decks can deteriorate rapidly without regular maintenance – which can be problematic in places with varying weather conditions,  like the United Kingdom.  Thankfully, a composite deck will remain highly functional even in severe weather conditions – so you can be certain you’ll get to enjoy your deck without the need to spend extra money, energy and time on taking care of it.

And of course, aesthetic appeal

Composite deck boards are designed with quality wood grain patterns to boost the appearance of your outdoor area

Composite deck boards are designed with quality wood grain patterns to boost the appearance of your holiday home’s garden area, providing the natural aesthetics of wooden decking in a more resilient and highly functional form. 

Most composite decks come with stainless steel hidden fastener deck screws that help them look flawless and provide a tidy, consistent appearance to the finished decking, without compromising the overall look. The end result is a sleek and sophisticated outdoor area that will elevate your garden’s aesthetic to whole new heights – injecting that much sought-after dose of luxury that is certain to impress your guests.