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Corner sofas: Choosing and styling the most important piece of living room furniture

By LLM Reporters  |  August 12, 2021
corner sofa

Bright, bold and beautiful; cosy, charming and calming; or ornate, opulent and outstanding décor – whichever way you to choose to style your interiors, you are always safe in the knowledge that there is plenty of inspiration and help out there to guide to with your redecorating efforts.

When it comes to your living room, you will no doubt have many different thoughts on how this space needs to work best for you. It is a room that can be used to entertain guests, host the household for cosy film nights, provide the perfect spot for curling up with a book, and even comfortably sleep overnight guests, among many other uses. And the common element required in all of this is, of course, the sofa.

The most important item of furniture that this room will house, it is essential that the sofa you buy is not only comfortable, but fits well within the space you have, is spacious enough to comfortably seat all household members and guests and suits the aesthetic of the room and your personal style well. And with the large amount of corner sofas available to buy online and in stores these days, you are sure to find something to perfectly suit what you need. So, where do you start?

corner sofa in living room
Maximise comfort and style with the perfect corner sofa for your home

Consider extra uses

When considering all of the most important aspects of choosing your sofa, don’t forget to factor in extra uses, such as if you will be needing a sofa bed function. You may have a spare room or two, but it often pays to have another option to house even more guests and corner sofa beds provide that added space and comfort that house guests will no doubt be fighting over. Head to the likes of Derona Furniture, a leading retailer of comfortable sofas and corner sofa beds, for inspiration and more information on how these modular delights can work in your living room, or in a spare room.

Select a suitable style

Corner sofas are, without a doubt, the most popular style of sofa seen around homes today. As well as providing more space to sit, they are a great way of breaking up the space in a living room, especially open plan layouts, and they offer up a lovely lounging space for legs when you wish to really recline in utmost comfort.

When it comes to selecting the perfect sofa for you, first consider if you wish this to be a statement piece of furniture as this will help when it comes to choosing the design, pattern and colour of the sofa. It should go without saying, but it’s always best to add that you should measure up the space you have available and also the doorways and access to ensure that your new buy fits in the space that you need it to. And if you opt for a corner sofa bed ensure that, when pulled out, guests have enough space to move around the bed space and that it doesn’t get in way of other furniture.

corner sofa in living room
Corner sofas allow multiple people to comfortably hang out by creating a social area in your room

Colours, upholstery and complementing your décor

If you have decided that you wish for another element of your living room to do the talking then a sofa in neutral tones such as greys, white or beige will be best for you, but if this is going to be more of a statement piece then you have a lot more to think about. Are you going for a bold pattern or colour, or both? Peach is very on trend this year, and aubergine will look great this autumn, while colourful tropical leaves or monochrome geometric prints would certainly add some pizazz to your living space. Blue is a colour that rarely, if ever, goes out of fashion and deep green, especially in velvet, is great look, while luxe leather sofas always look good in a living room and can pair well with so many different interior designs styles and colours.  

Style it up

Boho, industrial, cottage, contemporary, classic – however you choose to decorate your living room, make sure you don’t overlook the importance of integrating the all-important sofa into the décor. Cushions and throws should complement other soft furnishings within the room, such as rugs and curtains, and are great ways of adding a little personality into the space with pops of colour, pattern and texture, but only if you haven’t already opted for a statement sofa. If you have, then simpler styles and complementing tones will be a better fit.