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Countertop basins: An essential guide before you buy

By LLM Reporters  |  December 15, 2019

Thinking of giving your bathroom an overhaul? It couldn’t be easier to create that lavish hotel feel. All it takes is a few sophisticated touches to transform your space into an enviable one that you’ll be proud to show off to your guests – as well as enjoying long, luxurious baths and showers and getting ready at your leisure on a daily basis.

One of the best pieces for giving your bathroom that much-needed upgrade is a statement countertop basin. Fast becoming a popular choice in both modern and traditional bathrooms, they have a chic, minimalistic feel and are quick and easy to install. Simple in appearance, it’s precisely this that is their appeal – this means that they can fit neatly in with any bathroom design without clashing with or detracting from it.

Essentially a basin mounted directly onto a level surface – usually a cupboard unit or vanity – these large, curved pieces make for a stylish addition. Available in a wide range of designs and sizes, there is no need to connect them to the wall at the back, allowing for a simplistic, stand-alone piece that does all the talking.

If we’ve piqued your interest but you’re unsure where to start with choosing and installing your basin, then look no further – here’s all you need to know.

A countertop basin is a stylish sink that sits on top of a bathroom unit


As with most household DIY jobs, you’ll need some basic skills to install your countertop basin, so if that doesn’t sound like you then it might be time to get the professionals in.

Like most, these countertop basins from Clickbasin can be installed on virtually any flat-topped shelf, unit or countertop – although there are of course, limitations. Waste and tap holes will need to be installed, while the height of the unit is another factor to consider. The sink should sit at around 30-36 inches to ensure that it is just right for the average person.


Although you won’t need specialist taps for your worktop-mounted basin, choosing a stylish set that compliments your new statement piece will only increase its aesthetic appeal. Our advice? Again, opt for a minimalistic design. The idea here is to do understated chic.

Some countertop basins feature a tap hole which enables you to mount your choice of basin mono mixer. The vast majority however, are best paired with a wall-mounted basin mixer, so bear this in mind when choosing your perfect pair.

Bring a splash of luxury to your bathroom with a stylish countertop basin

Oval counter top basins

The most popular type of countertop basin out there, an oval design exudes modern luxury, and is our top choice where space and set-up allow. Clean and minimalistic, these sophisticated basins look great in minimalistic white, and look great paired with a pared down bathroom design that lets them do all the talking.

Round counter top basins

Ultra-modern and classy as they come, the round countertop basin is the perfect fit for a fashionably decorated and bang up-to-date bathroom. Reminiscent of your favourite luxury spa or hotel bathroom, these beautiful pieces are opulence at its best. Opt for a smooth ceramic style for the best in both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Square counter top basins

Elegant and compact, square vessel basins offer a slight quirkier appeal, and can be paired with angular taps for a thoroughly modern effect. A great space-saver if you’re looking to install your countertop basin in a corner or close to a wall, a square piece will fit into almost any crevice. Pair with a smaller unit, and you’re sorted.

Counter top basins create a high-end, designer bathroom style

Vanity countertop basin

If you love the idea of a countertop basin but don’t quite know where to begin, then an all-in-one purchase could do the trick and make installation a cinch. Vanity countertop basins do the hard work for you, featuring great storage and a stylish look – and best of all, you won’t have to work out how to install the basin yourself.

From wall-mounted to cloakroom varieties, there are plenty to choose from that come set up and ready to go. Although you’ll pay a little more for the convenience, it’s definitely worth the extra splurge – not only are you getting a beautiful countertop basin and wall-hung vanity unit in one, but the entire process will be hassle free from start to finish.

Whichever type of countertop basin you decide to go for, you can rest assured that it’s one of the easiest ways to transform your bathroom, creating a sophisticated luxury feel in under a day. Our advice? Choose your dream piece and then sit back with a glass of champagne and let the professionals do the hard work. After all, that’s what a luxury lifestyle is all about!