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Creating a luxury garden: Plan your dream garden with these simple steps


There are few things more exciting than moving into a brand new home – especially when it’s that luxurious pad you’ve had your eye on for the past couple of years. Not only is it a good chance to start afresh with a declutter and a more minimalistic and calming space, but it’s also the only excuse you need to get creative and start putting your own stamp on the place. With just a lick of paint here and some opulent new curtains and handmade furniture there, it doesn’t take much to transform your residence into a space you love – but the real fun starts when you head outdoors and into your new garden.

Although as we head into autumn and winter you’ll likely be spending less time outdoors, when spring rolls around again and the sun begins to shine, it could well become the only place you want to be. Gardens aren’t just about a few pretty flowers and plants, and with a few tweaks and some clever investments, yours could become the most luxurious in the street.

There are few things more exciting than moving into a brand new home – especially when it’s that luxurious pad you’ve had your eye on for the past couple of years

Add some opulent appeal

When it comes to adding a lavish touch to your luxury garden, the first two words that spring to mind can only be ‘hot tub’! The perfect place to head after a long day at work and soak away the stresses and strains with a glass of good wine or two, they have never been easier to obtain or install – and with swim spa costs now more reasonable than ever before, it truly is a no brainer.

Available in a range of colours and sizes, make sure yours has all the bells and whistles – think lounge seat, control pad and waterfall, as well as adjustable massage and lighting features.

Create a focal point

Sometimes, even when you’ve moved to a bigger property, your belongings can outweigh the available space, and garden studios and rooms are fast becoming a savvy solution for those looking to make more room outdoors.

A high-quality garden studio, however, is not just about creating space, and can seamlessly enhance the aesthetics as well as the practicality of your garden. The best wooden garden studios are bespoke, and specially designed with the client in mind, ensuring that they meet your individual needs. Not only that, but they create a stunning, contemporary style focal point in your garden, that is sure to be admired by guests.

Many people choose to make theirs into a home office – for those with families, it can be a quiet space away from the noise of the main house. Other options include a craft studio, or a tranquil, private space in which to unwind with a good book – but the possibilities don’t end there.

What makes a “good lawn”? It has to be green, of course, and uniformly so, turning brown only under severe drought conditions. In winter it should never be sodden and squelchy. A good lawn is also reasonably free of weeds and it is level, without humps, bumps, hollows, dips or molehills.

Love your lawn

The key to a perfect lawn is patience, and tending to yours carefully will see you reaping the benefits later in the year. From edging and spraying for weeds to spiking, feeding and gritting the surface – not to mention dressing and spraying for diseases, make no mistake – it’s a lot of work.

Of course, your gardener can help you with that – employ a good one to keep on top of things so that you can spend your time on other things. Then, in the summertime, your lawn will be lush, green and luxurious – the foundation of any beautiful garden.

Finish your garden with some stylish, high-quality furniture to create an inviting space for guests

Furnish with flair

If you’ve gone to great lengths to get your garden in good shape, the chances are that you’ll want to show it off the results. From garden parties to summer barbecues, the opportunities will be endless when summer arrives again, so finish your garden with some stylish, high-quality furniture to create an inviting space for guests.

Rattan furniture is a popular choice, so opt for a dining table with several cushioned chairs, or a more laid-back sofa and coffee table for daytime lounging. Above all, ensure that your furniture is chic, comfortable, and in-keeping with the overall feel of your garden – creating the perfect backdrop for a long summer’s evening enjoying some good food and fine wine – or a day of sunbathing in the long-awaited summer sunshine.

If you’re set on creating a luxury garden, all it takes is some simple touches, but the bigger investments are sure to serve you well in the long-run, too. Start the transformation now – when summer arrives, you’ll be very glad that you did.