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Creating a luxury outdoor seating area

Creating a comforting yet luxurious space to relax outdoors is an integral part of owning a home. Imagine having the possibility to transform your garden into a spectacular haven where you and your loved ones can relax, entertain and socialise — simply necessary, isn’t it?

Although winter may be shortly upon us, creating the perfect outdoor seating area surrounded by a heartwarming fire-pit could be the perfect way to warm up, whilst cozily enjoying the change of the natural surroundings.

Before transforming your outdoor space into one where you can unwind, dine and entertain, you will need to first consider the space. By analysing the dimensions of the space, you can thereby decide what you can do, as well as the size of the furniture you will need.

Whether you wish to have a colorful escape, a contemporary and cozy seating area or a rustic retreat, choosing the right furniture is key and we recommend that you make the outdoor area feel like it is an extension of your house by using the same colour palette and style of furniture that is featured indoors.

Outdoor living in california. Great spot for entertaining
Creating a comforting yet luxurious space to relax outdoors is an integral part of owning a home

If you aim to create an entirely separate space, then ensure that you opt for a balance between wood, metal, stone, and glass — these materials will add textural interest to your newly transformed space.

Regardless of the seating that you choose, ensure that it is weatherproof and long-lasting — perhaps opt for water-resistant fabric seating, as this will look luxurious whilst also maintaining protection from the ever-changing weather conditions.

When creating your outdoor seating area, ensure that the seating is comfortable and laid out perfectly for conversation — for colder evenings, why not add plenty of throws so that you and your guests can stay warm?

Those who aim to achieve total luxury will also consider creating a cinema within their outdoor space — consider it the perfect way of entertaining your guests in the evening, as you can cozy up by the fire-pit, wrap yourself in blankets and indulge in the pleasures of popcorn and wine, whilst enjoying the latest blockbuster.

To protect your outdoor cinema, you will need to ensure that the space is dry and sheltered from the wind — avoid pitching the outdoor cinema in a section where streetlights and bright indoor lights reflect. To protect yourself further from the elements, why not invest in a pop-up gazebo? Simply remember to store it back indoors after use in case of harsh winds.

Small townhouse garden with patio furniture amidst blooming lavender.
Before transforming your outdoor space into one where you can unwind, dine and entertain, you will need to first consider the amount of space you have to play with

Whilst a projector is the first option you may consider for an outdoor cinema, we encourage you to choose the more luxurious option of installing an LED waterproof TV. By featuring an outdoor LED display, you will have an energy-efficient screen that is weather-resistant and can reach high levels of brightness.

Another wonderful idea for outdoor entertainment would be to consider investing in an outdoor dining table — if you do not own one already — so that you, your family and loved ones can sit and enjoying an exquisite al-fresco meal prepared on your barbecue.

To fully enjoy this newly transformed seating area in the evening or on overcast days, you will need to add lighting to further create the perfect ambiance. Choosing the lighting is a personal choice and you must decide to go for the option that enhances the beauty and luxuriousness of your seating area.

You could place diffused lighting away from the seating area so that it can draw insects, thread fairy lights through surrounding trees for a warm and comforting look or investing in a variety of stylish lanterns that you could place around your seating area — the possibilities are endless.

If you decide to go for permanent lighting then you will need to consider professional installation, however, the best option would be to place solar lights — energy-efficient and affordable. Similarly, investing in solar lights means that you can easily reposition them if you fancy a change.

Regardless of the outdoor lighting, you choose to install, you must remember that safety comes first, thereby use a strong weatherproof cable that can handle the ever-changing elements — note that if your outdoor seating area is easily affected by winds then purchase a windbreak for a more enclosed and warmer space.

Outdoor seating arrangement  with wicker, pillows, and a table with gas heater
Regardless of the seating that you choose, ensure that it is weatherproof and long-lasting

A key element to remember when creating your luxury outdoor seating area is to incorporate heating, as you will need to stay warm if you are spending time outside on colder days or in the evenings when entertaining.

From patio heaters, outdoor fireplaces, the aforementioned fire-pit, and luxurious Chimineas, there is an array of alternatives for heating, you are simply spoilt for choice. Patio heaters offer a clean and simple way of maintaining heat and outdoor fireplaces can be custom-made to fit your aesthetic.

The alternative to a fireplace would be a fire-pit or brazier, and an added bonus is that they come in various shapes and sizes — perfect to accommodate the look you are aiming for your luxury outdoor seating area.

Finally, if you’re looking for that ultimate ‘wow’ factor then adding a hot tub to your outdoor space is certainly the way to go. This will not only help you to recreate the perfect spa atmosphere to relax in after a hard day at the office, but will also make you the envy of all your friends. There are three main types of hot tubs on the market today. Inflatable tubs are a more affordable way to go with prices starting at £500, while rigid, Jacuzzi-style tubs offer the latest technology and will last for many years. The third option is a wood-fired hot tub, powered by burning logs. These are really growing in popularity and are a fantastic choice if you are concerned about running electrical power to your tub.

Remember that even though the process of creating a luxury outdoor seating area can be somewhat challenging, it should be an exciting process. Stay determined, as once you have completed the look you aimed for you can begin indulging in your newly transformed space.