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Culti Milano: The unrivalled benchmark in the world of home fragrances

When it comes to home fragrance, there is one brand that is always one step ahead of the game, and over the past 26 years, Culti Milano has earned itself cult status.

Founded by eclectic interior designer Alessandro Agrati back in 1990, the past two and a half decades have seen the Italian brand become a household name, sealing its status with the creation of the world’s very first reed diffuser – which has, in itself, achieved meteoric success around the world.

While the name Culti Milano is not a new one to those in the know, the brand has undergone an intensive process of renewal over the past two years, overhauling its company strategy in a bid to reaffirm itself as the high-end choice for the discerning and affluent home owner –and, of course, continuing to be a trail blazer in the pursuit of captivating new fragrances. Suffice it to say, it’s the beginning of a whole new era for the esteemed brand.

B_15517 is Magnum Colours diffuser 4300ml (scent Aramara)
Diffuser Colours Aramara 4300ml

So, what can we expect from this iconic brand over the next year or so ahead?

Culti recently exhibited at the annual Paris and Milan trade events, showcasing some of the brand’s most innovative new creations. The new line of products draws inspiration from travel experiences in a bid to spread an unmistakable feeling of wellbeing – and as usual, success is very much on the cards.

Culti Aqqua Spray
Spray Aqqua 100ml

The newly launched ‘Welcome’ line consists of four sophisticated 1000ml reed diffusers alongside two 500ml body care products, and as huge fans of Culti Milano’s existing arsenal of products, we couldn’t wait to give them a try.

The moisturising hand soap and hand cream are set to add an air of luxury to any man’s bathroom, and are sure to impress guests with their captivating scents – choose from the energising notes of Aqqua, or fresh, floral scent of Ode Rosae. As an added bonus, they are also paraben and mineral oil free, gently soothing skin without any of the nasty ingredients we are so keen to avoid.

The reed diffusers are also available in these tempting fragrances, along with the popular Aramara and Tessuto – a variegated bouquet for all seasons, with citrus, floral and woody nuances on offer. Something to suit all tastes – or if you simply can’t decide, then one for each room of your house!

Culti candle 235mg (scent Ebano)
Candle Fiqum 235g

Still stuck for Christmas gift ideas for that person who has everything? Then keep an eye out for Culti’s brand new range of scented candles (available to buy from Harrods) – with six relaxing options presented in stylish silver glass holders, and boasting pure cotton wicks to ensure the harmonious release of scent. Available in the 235g as well as the new 2.5kg size, it’s one gift that is sure to keep on giving – and makes for the perfect way to create that atmospheric feel during a cold winter’s night spent cosied up at home. We’ll definitely be putting one on our Christmas list, that’s for sure.

Since beginning its transformation, Culti has continued to cater incredibly well for its discerning clientele, consistently satisfying the sophisticated tastes in a way that fans have come to expect, and one sniff of any of the brand’s latest exciting offerings is evidence enough that they have always had it down to a fine art. You can always rely on Culti to come up with something truly original – and it is one of the many charms that has made the brand such a well-respected choice.

Culti Tessuto Colours blue (scent Tessuto)
Diffuser Colours Tessuto 1000ml

As part of the sustained bid to breathe new life into proceedings, a stunning multisensory showroom at Corso Venezia, Milan, has recently relaunched. It’s the perfect place to be introduced to this iconic brand – and it’s a must should you be visiting one of the world’s biggest fashion capitals any time soon. Culti is also available in the UK in some of the finest department stores across London, including Harrods, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and Fenwick.

New to Culti Milano? Then get to know some of the iconic products the brand has to offer, and pop them on your wish list:

Culti Magnum Colours in green 4300ml (scent Mareminerale)
Diffuser Mareminerale 4300ml

Culti iconic products

Mareminerale boasts a fresh and invigorating energy that takes inspiration from a refreshing jump into the water on a hot summer’s day, and its unique combination of marine scents, including lymph and mineral musk, promise to instill vitality into spas, homes, and anywhere else you should choose to use it – creating an enviable sense of wellness in your special space. Available in sprays, diffusers and air fresheners for the car and home, you really can take it anywhere with you – and trust us, once you catch a whiff, you’ll definitely want to.

Home Spray
Thanks to its immediate transformational effects with just a spritz or two, Culti’s Home Spray range is the perfect way to create a personalised feel to any living space, and is available in a huge array of fourteen different fragrances. From the afore-mentioned and iconic Mareminerale, to other enticing scents such as Aqqua, Mountain and Terra, all take inspiration from the natural elements, and can add an air of calmness, passion, peace, or vitality to anywhere you want in mere moments. And the best thing about it? You’re free to change it up to suit your mood as often as you want.

Culti Car fragrance (scent The)
Car Sachet The

A unique olfactory experience that brings to mind the bright, contrasting colours of the Mediterranean, the cool and reinvigorating energy of the sea, and the fresh feeling of linen with the softness of silk, the COLOURS line is available in four sparkling and dynamic colours and scents, with diffusers made from orange, green, blue, or brown glass, with maple wood caps and stylish ton-sur-ton labels. The range has been specially designed to ensure that fragrance is released continuously and discretely. Perfect for adding a welcome pop of colour to a minimalistic room and for putting your own stamp on your space, the COLOURS line of reed diffusers is available in Mareminerale, Tessuto, Thé and Aramara fragrances.