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Dining room delights: Creating the room of your dreams to make every mealtime a marvellous one

By LLM Reporters  |  August 7, 2020
dining room

One of the most important areas of the home has to be the dining room, and often this space is overlooked when it comes to redecoration. In today’s world of open-plan designs, there often leaves little space for imagination with a table, overhead lights and some swish tableware making up the area, but if you’re looking to make the most of the space and create a destination dining room, you’ve come to the right place.

Perhaps you are moving into a new home, and are looking to add an extension or are designing a home from scratch. It’s always a great idea to factor in a sophisticated space for dining. This doesn’t have to be solely for the purposes of hosting swanky dinner parties for your friends or special family dinners, but it should be a space that you can feel comfortable and relaxed when eating your meals every day.

Your dining space needs to feel welcoming and not just an awkward addition to your home. Placement of this room should be carefully considered, especially if adding an extension, and so it should go without saying – but we will – that your dining room is located next to your kitchen so that food can be transported with ease.

If you’re looking to create the dining room of your dreams and bring the restaurant feel to your home, then read on for four of our favourite dining room décor ideas.

Contemporary urban space

If your style is on the contemporary side and you feel a more urban look will suit best, then go for plenty of natural light and blend in subtle shades and industrial elements, especially with the lighting, chairs and sleek blinds. When it comes to window coverings, you’ll want the best so for some top advice this piece about where to find high-quality elite blinds as found at Zebra Blinds Canada will serve you well. Sharp edges mid woods and geometric glimpses work very well here, you’re not looking for discomfort, but you want to bring some edginess into space. Add a plant or two to bring some life in and think of minimal elements to keep the space looking polished.

Luxury boutique

dining room

If you’re looking for a sumptuous dining space that has you feeling like you’ve stepped into a distinguished restaurant then go all out with a luxury boutique style room. Think plush fabric, high backed chairs, a chandelier for extravagance, and add some drama with some stunning wallpaper. Be careful not to go too overboard with the look – you want to go for elegant and enchanting and not into the realms of over-decorated and tacky. Neutral tones will aid in the glamour without taking it overboard and you are lucky here that you have the ability to opt for a range of tableware, from classic to modern to suit the look.


modern dining room

If you prefer more of the ultra-modern, futuristic look and you want your dining and living spaces to combine well in an open plan setting then perhaps the all-white look is the one for you. Ideal in a modern space with plenty of natural light to fill the area and perfect for apartments, the sleek, clean look is certainly a desirable one. A great way to work in some character is by adding a splash of colour for an arty take on the space, whether with a piece of artwork or on the placemats, and the neat look works well with a dark wood floor, too – you don’t want to feel like you’ve stepped into a clinic or spaceship.

Yellow is a fantastic choice of colour to tie in with a sleek black and white aesthetic and you can choose from sophisticated pale tones to bright, sunny shades and warming, deep mustard hues to splash around the space. If you wish to go bolder than simply adding colour within the accessories, Furniturebox is a good example of a store that offers dining room furniture in plush yellow to brighten up your home.

Classic and traditional

dining room

It’s not all about making your interiors look modern and sleek, of course. If you’ve forked out for a gorgeous Georgian house, for example, then you may be keen to have the interior in keeping with the age of the building and we think this classic style works well. Wood panelling works wonders with this look and paired with antique furniture, some classic art – we’re thinking a Gainsborough or Constable classic – and a sprawling antique rug, you’ll feel like you’re dining with royalty with every meal.