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The essential guide to creating your luxury summerhouse

By LLM Reporters  |  March 24, 2020

Summer will soon be on its way and we will naturally be spending more and more time out in the open air. Whether you are relaxing in the garden, dining al fresco or entertaining guests, you will certainly require a luxurious space in which to do these activities. Leading experts in garden and leisure buildings, GBC Group, discuss their top tips for designing a luxury summer house.

If you’re looking for a place for relaxation and are short on space, summerhouses are a great way to incorporate a little bit of luxury into your home and expand your available space, whilst also being just a stones throw away from your home itself. There are so many options available, from the more basic to the most luxury, but in just a few small steps an ordinary summer house can be transformed into an ultimate indulgent summer space.

Upgrade your current summerhouse

You may not yet realise, but you could well already have the makings of a summer abode at home. If you already own an outdoor building, consider exploring the potential of sprucing up the space, upcycling is a huge trend and the outdoors is no different!

If, like many others, your old summerhouse has been utilised as additional storage space throughout the colder months of the year, you may need to consider a de-clutter before redecorating. This offers a great opportunity to de-clutter and rid your space of any unused or seen-better-days items! Once you’ve cleared space, consider a lick of paint and some welcoming furniture to breathe new life into the space.

A summerhouse is a great way of adding some comfort to your garden and providing additional living space to entertain your guests or to use as an office

Improve the outside

If you want to turn your summerhouse into the luxurious social space you desire, then you need to make it look beautiful not only from the inside but the outside too! Start by clearing away all the debris and plants that may have grown around the space over the years for a quick fix. It’s worth considering planting some fresh flowers and shrubbery in advance of the season ahead, that way you’re sure to have a dash of colour spread throughout your garden.

Once the outside has been cleared away, it’s time to think about painting the outer walls. Choosing a colour that you love is a sure fire way of making sure you love the space that you have created, and whilst current trends suggest shades of green, blue and grey, consider something a little more vibrant for a sophisticated, luxe feel.

Decorate it

Finally, once the labour-intensive steps have been finalised, it’s time to think about additional décor! Unique decoration is what makes a space more homely, cosy and inviting, so consider finer details such as candles, scatter cushions and throws.

Whether you’re planning on using the space for a private area for relaxation or you’re expecting to be entertaining the masses, you’re going to need to arrange a seating area or two. For the former, consider investing in a comfortable and durable chair, somewhere to settle down with a good book as you watch the world go by. If it’s the latter, consider investing in a bar-like space, where you can spend many a summer evening designing your very own signature cocktail menu to share with friends and family.

If you want to turn your summerhouse into the luxurious social space you desire, then you need to make it look beautiful not only from the inside but the outside too!

Consider connecting it up with electricity

If you’re looking for the ultimate hook-up, consider connecting your space to a power supply. That way, you won’t be restricted by sunlight hours and can utilise your outdoor space for even more adventures!

In just a few simply steps, you’re sure to shape your dull summerhouse into the luxurious social space that you’ve been yearning for.