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Expert secrets to selling your home

When it comes to selling your home, there’s lots of advice on what to do and what not to do, which is why we’ve sought out expert opinions on the matter for you to refer to before putting up that ‘For Sale’ sign or considering cash house buyers.

Karen Chapman, one of the experts behind home dressing service Dress it to Sell, believes that you should still decorate your home to suit your personality, even when you’re trying to sell: “Seriously, decorating your space should be just as you want, not to fall in with over-fussy or over-minimal themes you have seen in magazines, put together by interior designers who create for themselves and not for their clients.

“I would always speak to prospective clients to discover what they like, how they live and try to dress rooms to match, however eclectic that may turn out to be. Remember, nothing in interior design is ‘wrong’. It is what YOU want. Contrary to belief, accessories and soft furnishings can be purchased [at a reasonable price] and when put together in the right way, can look just as expensive as any bespoke look provided by top designers.

“Cushions and throws are an absolute staple of reinventing rooms. Even just changing these will bring a whole new feel into your living space. Always remember lighting too. Where you place your lamps, shade colour and even the power of the light bulb you use, all contribute to the vibe of a room and its ambience. Everyone dreads the words ‘spring clean’ but actually, even just a thorough clean will work wonders for a room and give it a fresh new feeling.”

Sarah Beeny, TV Presenter and property expert, recommends in this House to Home article getting everything repaired before selling your home to ensure buyers aren’t put off: “Got a dripping tap or a cracked tile? These will send the wrong message to potential buyers. From removing grubby sealant to replacing damaged areas of carpet, getting all problems fixed before putting the house on the market is a smart idea.

“Spend time tidying up the outside of the house – plant flowers, trim bushes, weed, repaint the front door and make sure your door furniture is looking really great. If you have a path, make sure it is swept clean and looks tidy.”

Estate agent Adam Day, told This is Money about some of the tricks estate agents employ to get you to pay more and sell their house with them. He noted that: “No matter what an agent might say, newspapers are not an efficient way to make a sale anymore.” So it’s best you list your property online as most buyers start there when they begin searching for their new home.

Take on some of these great tips from the experts and that for sale sign should come down in no time and you’ll be well on your way to your new home!

Main image above credit: Brelsford