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Five DIY luxury home improvement life hacks


There are so many small things that you can do around your home that people overlook. What might seem like a minor DIY task can actually be a big deal, there are so many short tasks that anybody could do that both make your home more luxurious and improve your property value. If done in the right way, these property hacks can also make your day-to-day life easier.

Small hacks can really impress, especially if they boast simplicity that anybody can copy. Once you successfully implement these changes to your own home, it’s almost guaranteed your friends will want to try and replicate them.

Turning your bathroom into a luxury bathroom

If there’s a room that deserves a little luxury, it’s the bathroom

Use Spice Racks to add height to your fragrances

Now I know what you’re thinking, how can a few basic uses of DIY transform a room in your house so drastically? Well, it’s easy, appearance and simplicity mean everything. You could have a bath tub the size of a small swimming pool complete with a matching power shower if it smells bad nobody is going to care.

That’s why this first tip is to use spice racks or some similar wooden shelves to put your smellies on. Not only does this instantly look more aesthetically pleasing but it has a number of practical advantages as well.

If you have mischievous young children or not an excessive amount of shelf space, anything you put down to help keep your bathroom smelling fresh could end up causing more mess or looking like clutter. Candles, flowers and even traditional air fresheners can all be seen as a form of entertainment to young kids if they can get their hands on them. Ask any parent you know, I am sure they have a whole heap of wonderful stories about how their children have taught them to keep things out of their reach.

Even if you don’t have children, it can often be difficult to position your fragrance items, so they don’t just seem like clutter to anyone entering the bathroom. We have cell phones now, nobody wants to read the back of the air freshener while they use the toilet, so having it their just looks tacky. Putting it on an elegant shelf somehow removes this appearance and makes it seem instantly more attractive.

Change How You Store Your Towels

Towels can look dreadful when they are on a towel rail. If it’s seen better days a towel needs to have something that complements it and that’s why you should consider using a coat hook instead. If you get a nice-looking set of coat hooks and put your towels on that they go from looking a little bit faded and worn, too stylish, original and retro. Sounds weird right? Yup, but it works!

Alternatively, if they are in dire need of replacement or are designed for children, instead of having a giant picture of Mickie mouse greet anyone who enters the bath room, try using a wicker basket. Towels rolled up and neatly placed in a basket look awesome and can be sued to hide any that might not go with the rest of the bathrooms look.

Upgrade your Kitchen

According to many property experts, one of the best ways you can improve your home is by fixing up your kitchen

According to many property experts, one of the best ways you can improve your home is by fixing up your kitchen. While a full re-do is definitely an option, there are still a number of small DIY tasks you can do.

Increase your storage

We all have those draws in the kitchen filled up with all those random utensils we have no clue what to do with. You know the one I’m talking about. Well, you can sort that out in 30 minutes, simply put hooks on the inside of your cupboard doors. Many of these items, especially ones that come in a complete set, will have small holes available so you can hang them up, sadly few people ever do.

This small hack not only increases your storage options but, it looks so much better. If you can manage to order them by size or colour then it will look even better. Doing this is fairly straightforward and almost anybody can do it without any hassle.

Magnetic knife strips are also a great way to prevent yourself from losing fingers everytime you start rummaging. These can be installed with little effort onto your kitchen wall. Once it’s up you can put all your knives in size order on it with instant effect, if you have a luxury knife set that you got from your great aunty Mable that you didn’t know what to do with until this point, now is your opportunity.

Don’t be afraid to add some technology

There is often this bizarre misconception that using new technology in your home can come across as tacky. This is just plain wrong. Well maybe it can but, the majority of good products only add value to your home and installing them is dead simple.

For example, one of our favourite products was the automatic bin. You can buy these from a range of different places at numerous different prices and in most cases they are worth every penny. There is nothing worse than having a mucky bin but having something that is movement sensitive means it stays clean. Say bye-bye to the problem of trying to open your bin with your hands full, this simple device can make your life significantly easier on a daily basis and it looks impressive.

Having extra plugs or usb charging slots available is never a bad idea it can only help to improve the usability of your kitchen. Obviously installing an extra power outlet is no simple DIY task and if you’re not an electrician you are probably tempting fate, that’s why our next tip is to install a pop-up socket tower.

This takes very little technical knowledge and can be done fairly simply depending on the layout of your kitchen. There are a couple of useful tutorials on the web that will help to make it even easier.

Improve the Luxury Look of Your Walls

Nine times out of ten, a self-decorated wall is going to scream tacky rather than luxurious

So a number of other guides out there all suggest that as a ‘life hack for your home’ you should re-design your walls yourself. Unless you’re a professional artist, that is a terrible idea. Nine times out of ten, a self-decorated wall is going to scream tacky rather than luxurious. Under no circumstances should you let your children decorate the house either, it might mean a day of fun for them but, the result is not going to look fashionable or ‘edgy’. It’s going to look awful and you’re going to have to pay a hefty sum to get someone to fix it.

No, what we are suggesting is a whole lot simpler and will look a whole lot better. Simply buy some small paintings and cover over your thermostats or any other weird protruding devices embedded into your wall. This might seem like a small and unnecessary task but, assuredly once it is completed, you will notice the difference.