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Four ways to introduce industrial chic into your home

Loft living room and bedroom 3d render,There are white brick wall,polished concrete floor.Furnished with dark brown leather sofa ,There are arch shape windows sunlight shining into the room.

The last few years have seen a magnificent shift in interior design trends. More homeowners are falling in love with the industrial aesthetic, but at the same time, not enough people are embracing it and adding the industrial chic to their own property. So, why is that?

It may be because it is easy to associate industrial design with penthouse inner-city apartments with exposed brickwork, distressed wooden tables and low-hanging single lightbulbs. Sound about right? Well, at the same time many people realise they do not have the space for these big warehouse-like rooms that work so well with industrial chic.

The truth is that the industrial design can be made spectacular in smaller spaces just as well as it does in those magnificent urban penthouses. It’s also great for office spaces and can be a welcome change from the same boring desks and furnishings. Here we take a closer look at why industrial chic is so popular and the best ways to incorporate into your home.

Chic dining room design with concrete wall and industrial chairs
The industrial aesthetic incites character and uniqueness into a space

Why is the industrial aesthetic so popular?

The industrial aesthetic may be taking over for many reasons and probably deserves a post of its very own. One of them is because it incites character and uniqueness into a space – not to forget that it is a bold and eccentric move to make in any interior design project.

However, one other reason for industrial chic to be so in demand is because of globalisation, which has helped businesses expand and ideas to be shared across the world. This also helps us share an appreciation for the same aesthetics. The modern world is much more capable of doing this because of social media. Instagram posts start to look the same and we all share pictures of industrial-style cafes that look the same from London to Melbourne.

The best ways to make a space industrial luxury

Whatever the reason that so many people love the visuals of industrial chic and the feeling that it gives them, not everyone has been able to get it right in practice. There is a lot to learn when introducing industrial aesthetics into your spaces but there are four key fundamentals that should serve as the pillars to your pending new interior.

High ceiling loft living room 3d render.There are white brick wall,polished concrete floor and black steel structure,There are large windows look out to see the nature,sunlight shining into the room.
Industrial designs work best with open layouts

Embrace concrete

Concrete is one of the biggest industrial statements that you can make in an industrial design. Mainly because concrete can cover mass surface areas including floors, walls and staircases. The latest trend within this trend is microcement, also known as micro concrete.

Relentless Interiors are one of the most trusted suppliers of this product that combines cement and water-based resin to produce a tough material that oozes luxury industrial design.

Open layouts work best

One of the hardest problems to overcome if you are trying to make a chic industrial design is segmented areas. Industrial designs work best with open layouts and this is because they resemble industrial settings such as factories and warehouses.

If you are serious about crafting an industrial setting and you are able to ensure an open layout then this is highly advised. If you cannot do this or have smaller spaces, it is still possible to make an industrial interior but you will have to work harder!

3D rendering of a modern industrial style kitchen
Warm, masculine, and sexy, industrial chic is a style of decorating that keeps getting more popular

Combine metal and wood

The earthiness and rawness of wood and metal respectively are what gives the industrial design its credentials. Leather is also powerful in this regard. Not only do the textures of these materials work well together, but the neutral and warming colours they can throw out are capable of making bigger and emptier spaces feel homely.

Choose dark woods and even bronzed metals to capture these important details and space them evenly around your interior.

Think neutral

When starting your own industrial revolution at home, working out where to start can be the most difficult. The best way of setting yourself up to succeed in your design venture is to think neutral. Only use neutral colours in any of your furniture or when painting. White, black, shades similar to brick and greys are recommended. From these you can add some colour, but it should always be kept at a minimum and preference should be made to any colours that are earthy.

There are of course many other ways to introduce industrial chic into your home but start with these before moving on to the smaller details.