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Furniture arranging tricks for an easy to clean home


Redesigning or revamping your living space can be an exciting experience for homeowners, breathing new life into your home and making it somewhere you are truly happy to spend your time. But whether you’re going minimalist or filling your living room with a selection of statement pieces, maintaining a clean and tidy environment is the one thing that will keep it looking its best. Paying attention to the way you arrange your furniture is not just about feng-shui, and can make vacuuming, dusting and other household jobs a whole lot easier if done right.

We’ve put together some simple furniture arranging tips for an easy to clean home – you can thank us later.

Clean lines give the illusion of space, so stick to simple pieces of furniture and and only buy what is really necessary if you want to avoid the cluttered look

Optimise your space

Smaller apartments may mean limited space, but some clever storage tricks can help you to make the most of it. Try shelves in alcoves or above the TV to store your favourite books and plants, and make use of the space under your bed for keeping bedding and towels. Storage benches and chests are also great ways of keeping your belongings organised as well as dust and dirt free, hidden away from guests and maintaining a tidy living space.

Keep it simple

Clean lines give the illusion of space, so stick to simple pieces of furniture and and only buy what is really necessary if you want to avoid the cluttered look. The more items you have in a room, the more time-consuming the job of cleaning can be – dusting around trinkets and ornaments and shifting heavy items can become a real energy drain after a while, so making your life easier will ensure that you have a home you love.

Neutral colours

Opt for neutral colours for a cleaner looking home. They don’t show dirt as easily when compared with whites and creams, and combined with darker earth tones, can give any room a stylish and refined look. Reflective surfaces and mirrors can also help to create the illusion of space.

Opt for neutral colours for a cleaner looking home

Easy Access

To keep you motivated to clean your home, furniture should be arranged in a way that is quick and easy to manoeuvre. Avoid placing sofas and beds against the walls, and be sure to leave space behind everything for at least a vacuum nozzle. Avoid obstructing your path from one end of the room to the other. Your living space should feel easy and comfortable to be in – not a daily assault course that leaves you feeling frustrated, and guests shouldn’t have to pick their way across the dining room just to get to the table. The prospect of having to move furniture out of your way before you can clean will fast become just another task you dread – so make things easier in the first place, and you’ll have no reason to put it off.


Flooring is an important consideration in any home, and simple hardwood floors or large, wood-effect tiles can be a great choice when it comes to dealing with domestic mishaps. A broken glass of wine, with its shattered pieces and wine stains, is much easier to clear up than from a beautiful cream carpet.

Whether you’re moving to a new space or revamping an existing one, less is always more – so keep your lay-out simple to make cleaning a synch, and it’ll be a space you’re proud to call your own. Of course, if you’re really not keen on getting the vacuum out, then cleaning companies such as can always help. Moving home, in particular, can be a monumental task – and getting the professionals in can really help to lighten the load.