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Get the look: Hamptons style home design ideas

amptons style home design ideas

The Hamptons as a destination is the haven for the world’s elite. Its breathtaking vistas inspired Walt Whitman and Winslow Homer; its social forebears include the likes of Gerald and Sara Murphy entertaining greats such as Leger and Fitzgerald; Kurt Vonnegut, Jackson Pollock, and Andy Warhol all found inspiration on America’s Riviera.

From the iconic cedar grey siding that characterizes a classic Hamptons’ house to the fresh use of all-American hues, this New England style is a lifestyle. Visits to the far end of the Long Island peninsular evoke strong feelings, the white houses, the white picket fencing stretching along the long sandy beaches, Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, Harvard and Yale. New England is more than a location, it is a lifestyle. The style stands for something positive – light, fresh and natural. It is classic with a fashion twist in hues of blue, white, red and beige combined with stripes and checks.

Hamptons style home design ideas
The Hamptons style stands for something positive – light, fresh and natural

When the mild rays turn hot and summer has finally arrived be inspired by the aquamarine colours from the pool and the wild flowers that bloom. Lounge chairs and beach towels with uplifting colours and soft textures allow for long lazy days in the sunshine.


Tips from from Kristina Lindhe, founder, CEO and designer at Lexington Company – the premium lifestyle brand built on the tradition and inspiration from typical New England east coast style.

The New England style as a design form is rewarding for someone who builds dreams as I do. Not only is it beautiful – with all of the buildings, their settings and the natural environment – but it also provides a structure for my creative work. My love for American East Coast Style is rooted in my fascination with the architecture, the landscape and the friendly atmosphere. The grey cedar and shingle, and white houses with porches, balconies and window shutters along with my Scandinavian need for light are the basis for my personal interpretation of the New England style.

1. Keep your walls and floors clean, simple and light. In the Hamptons they keep walls mainly white so it’s easier to have these as your base and add accessories to get the look. Either white paint on the walls or reclaimed cladding works perfectly with a rustic wooden floor.

Lexington Spring Bedroom
The Hamptons style is classic with a fashion twist in hues of blue, white, red and beige combined with stripes and checks

2. Create a playful look, being in the Hamptons is so much fun and this should translate into your interior. Try a fun slogan on your shams or colorful patterns and prints on your tablecloth or kitchen accessories.

3. My foundation colour is white and light colours and then with the rest of the palette take inspiration from the coast, inspired by water – think soft blues, greys and green – just like the reflections from water in a pool. These can be teamed with deeper classical blues inspired from the color of the Atlantic. Pick these out around the room and have fun mixing them together.

4. To really feel like you live by the beach move your dinner party or get together into the garden. Eating alfresco with cotton napkins, light colours and tea lights is the ultimate way to spend an evening –all you need is good company.

5. Details are really important when you’re creating the New England style at home – think of glass jars for fresh flowers, detailed napkin rings and rattan accessories.