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Give your bedding an overhaul in 2016, starting with a luxury duvet

Crisp bedlinen, an ultra comfortable mattress, cloud-like pillows and the cosiest, fluffiest duvet – is there anything better than slipping into a luxurious hotel bed?

We take a look at the newest duvets on the block from leading bed and bath e-tailer Soak&Sleep. With an industry-leading offering of bedding, the launch of their premium duvet range does not disappoint. The Eiderdown and Moskus duvets lead the way for the ultimate in luxurious, indulgent slumber.

The Rolls Royce of the duvet market, the Eiderdown is described as nature’s best, most valuable insulation material. Holding the title as the rarest down in the world, the down clusters are collected by hand from the abandoned nest of the female eider duck – a registered endangered and protected species that can be found in the North Atlantic.

The Eiderdown duvet is currently made to order

Due to the icy cold conditions the Eider ducks have adapted to producing thick, soft and warming down. The female ducks pluck the down from their coats to use as insulation for their nests. Laying around 4-5 eggs a year, once the eggs have hatched and the young have flown the nests are no longer used. Clever Icelanders have developed specialist methods of collecting the rare down without harming the birds, leaving the nest structure intact, ready for next year!

The incredibly warm down clusters have a ‘sticky’ consistency that allows for the ultimate insulation, whilst remaining breathable for the perfectly snug night’s sleep. As light as a (down) feather, you are sure to feel like you’re sleeping under a cloud. With such a rare ingredient, it will come as no surprise that the Eiderdown duvet is currently made to order.

For those looking for the Eiderdown experience, but on a more modest budget, Soak&Sleep have introduced the Moskus range.

The Moskus duvet is exclusive to Soak&Sleep in the UK

With similar qualities, warmth retention and a lightness to rival the Eiderdown, the Moskus duvet is exclusive to Soak&Sleep in the UK.

Moskus down comes from colder climates, where the long, cold winters produce lean, downy Moskovy ducks. Their down is a lot like eider down: when washed, the fibres crimp to provide the most amazing insulation. Soak&Sleep have used this fabulous down to create a duvet that’s a veritable powerhouse of insulation – maintaining your body temperature when it’s really cold outside. Using 85% Moskus down, and 15% feather (for structure) and finished with a 100%, 233 TC cotton casing. The duvet features box construction, which means the duvet is made up of 3D ‘boxes’ that keep the down and feather evenly distributed – ideal for the perfect bed every time.

Eiderdown prices start at: £2,200
Moskus prices start at: £125

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