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Going nautical: Seaside inspired interior ideas with Vanessa Arbuthnott

You don’t have to live by the sea to bring some coastal style into your home…with this easy going, relaxed style décor it will have a calming influence on you and your home whether you live by the sea, or in a city.

Here, fabric designer Vanessa Arbuthnott gives her 3 tips on how to add some nautical touches to your decor.

For a Scandinavian seaside style, choose some subtle accessories, objects like shells and driftwood will add a rustic vibe, and washed out linens will give a relaxed nautical feel to a room.

Shades of blue work well against pale floors and walls. Try to keep furniture it’s natural colour, this will make the room feel earthy, and don’t be afraid to mix light and dark wood tones together.

Stripes are part of a classic nautical theme
Natural woods and a light colour palette give an airy and cool backdrop for fabrics

For a more traditional coastal style, use striped fabric to upholster your furniture and other soft furnishings. Keep the space as light and airy as possible, you can try painting furniture white and keeping the walls neutral to help with this. Although blue is traditional, don’t be afraid to use other colours – greys and yellows work just as well and give a contemporary feel to the style.

Mix and match fabrics with the same colour base for an informal feel
Brighten up your bathroom with co-ordinating fabrics

For a modern, brightly coloured seaside theme, yellows and pinks work well alongside blues and greys. Try keeping the walls neutral and then introducing the colour through your fabrics and accessories –you could find some beautiful modern seaside prints to hang on the walls, as well as some blue and white ceramics which would complement the scheme.

Cushions are a great way to update your look and keep it fresh
Use colourful fabrics in pastel shades for a restful look

Visit to check out her full collection of fabrics. From vibrant and modern to classic and timeless, there is something special for every interior.