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Here are the hottest interior design trends to expect in 2019

Statuary Marble Kitchen Island & Tops (4)

2019 is finally here – so what will be the big things for interior design this year? From an eclectic array of coloured marble to natural dark wood, Darren Hopkins, from sustainable artisan wood flooring brand Root London, and Gary Walters, Managing Director of luxury stoneware company Stone Age, share their thoughts with us.

A Classic Revival

Darren (from Root London) predicts that wood will see a revival, as although a classic choice, doors are being painted white or shades of neutral to brighten up a dark space. He says: “We’ve noticed that people are going back to the bare wood look of a couple of decades ago and our Natural Oak is what people are requesting a lot. Those who really want to hark back to nature, are opting for more natural options for flooring such as oak parquet or wide planks where you can really see the true colour of the tree coming through (and making the space feel larger). Whilst wood has always been popular, the use of oils and varnishes has allowed wood to be more hard-wearing and thus is being used more often in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as lounges, dining rooms and studies and we only expect that to increase in 2019.”

Cararra Kitchen Top with Wod Floor
Wood flooring will see a huge revival in 2019


Darren adds: “Part of the reason why wood is so popular is due to its sustainable attributes, something which has become more and more of a buzzword across all industries. It’s not just a trend, but a mega-trend – one that has affected the business world for a decade or more. Sustainability helps to protect the environment for future generations and any company with goods that are sustainable will have a legion of fans who are dedicated to finding that sustainable option and we anticipate this to only rise next year.”

Shades of Grey

Darren tell us: “Grey is perennially popular as not just a flooring choice (think engineered wood or a large format tiles) but also in paint colours. We know that this won’t die down any time soon and recommend our Portobello and Urban Oak and Colombe Grey Limestone. It works with everything so is a dependable option.

“For kitchens and ground floors, grey and warm beige limestones are the go-to stones. People also want the inside outside look which can often be achieved with limestones. However, white is also gathering pace as an option for those wanting a softer look for their home giving a more country feel perhaps – particularly when it comes to floors. Whilst on the other end of the spectrum, darks – chocolate and black – make a statement and form the basis for a heavier style that is set to take 2019 by storm.”

Carrara Kitchen Tops with Wood Floor (2)
Part of the reason why wood is so popular is due to its sustainable attributes, something which has become more and more of a buzzword across all industries


Darren believes that wide plank is the thing to have with wood flooring, but it is also becoming en vogue to couple it with a parquet. He says: “Mixing wide planks with a slightly larger herringbone adds a nice modern twist on a classic combination and gives a home an individual cosier feel, bringing an old classic into the 21st century. We’ve noticed that people love using a parquet such as herringbone in their entrance hall, and then move on to a slightly more understated wide plank in the adjoining rooms. Herringbone will definitely continue in 2019.”

Marvellous Marble

When it comes to stone, Gary (from Stone Age) says we are seeing a big resurgence in marble, particularly in bathrooms, including more unusual colours making a statement such as green and blue. He says: “Almost every bathroom being planned has an element of marble in it. The reason being, marble is a beautiful natural material which comes in an infinite range of colours, markings and veinings. No two pieces are the same, which no doubt adds to its appeal. Different options include ‘book-matching’, ‘vein-matching’ or ‘take it as it comes’ which also make marble unique to the home in the way it is installed.

“People are being far more adventurous with marble than in the past, incorporating greens, blues, yellows, – basically anything a bit out of the ordinary to make their own mark. But people are also getting savvy and seeing that for a similar look with veinings and markings, porcelain is a great option for a more purse-friendly option.”

Statuary Marble Kitchen Island & Tops (6)
When it comes to stone, the experts believe we will see a big resurgence in marble this year

Go Green

Darren says: “The colour green seems to be enjoying a moment right now with lovely onyxes as well as light green marbling being very popular. For those looking for something even more unique, we’ve noticed home owners going for strong deeper emerald colours of marble to really make an impact in the bathroom. Our hot favourite that we have seen rising in popularity at the moment is Green Onyx, and it will continue to do so. Likewise, olive tones are still going strong with stones like limestone – PL Beige and Grey, plus Bourgos as a flooring option. The beauty of onyx is, it comes in a vast array of weird and wonderful colours and is exactly what people are looking for when trying to inject some drama into a room. It’s such a wild stone and varies so much from block to block, it’s our job to find the right block for the client.”

Darren concludes: “Whatever people opt for, it’s clear that we like to make our home unique in order to create a space in which to relax and unwind and natural stone and wood help you do exactly that. More and more, we are choosing little quirks or colours that reflect this to make our houses an extension of our personality. Part of the reason we see this happening is due to all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit which is having a knock-on effect to house prices, we are finding an increase in clients refurbishing their properties.”