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Here is how to create the perfect bed for the cosiest night’s sleep

By LLM Reporters  |  March 31, 2020

Many of us share the opinion that getting into a freshly made bed is one the most luxurious simple pleasures we can afford ourselves. There’s nothing quite like the soft feel on your skin and the fresh scent of newly laundered linen to give you that satisfying feeling within. And this pleasant moment almost always seems to afford us a great night’s sleep too, which is something to be cherished.

Like many unattainable goals, a perfect night’s sleep every single night just doesn’t seem to be achievable for so many of us, but that doesn’t stop us seeking out all the ways that we can make this happen. Whether our minds can’t stop whirring due to worry or we have restless housemates that won’t allow us to have that ever-treasured sleepless night, there seems to be something, or someone, keeping us from enjoying a full, uninterrupted eight hours.

Though you can’t ignore some of those aspects that keep you awake, there are a number of things you can do to give yourself the best chance, be it a night-time bath, turning off your screen for an hour before bed or deep breathing and gentle stretching before you lie down.

The best way, surely, is to create the cosiest, most comfortable, luxurious and inviting bed imaginable using the finest products around. Why use the finest products? Largely because better quality products retain their condition for longer, meaning you won’t need to replace them as often, and more superior fabrics are used in manufacturing giving a plusher overall feel and look.

Many of us share the opinion that getting into a freshly made bed is one the most luxurious simple pleasures we can afford ourselves

We’re here to tell you how to create the perfect bed and, don’t worry, it doesn’t involve changing your bed covers every day.

Top quality mattress

First of all, you’ll have no chance of sleeping well if you have a lumpy, uneven or sunken mattress, no one wants to feel like they’re sleeping on a bag of rocks and you deserve better than this. Investing in a top-quality mattress will pay off greatly, from the day you first use it and for years afterwards. We’re all aware that many shops are currently closed so the chances of heading out to purchase your perfect mattress at the moment are slim to none.

Fear not, there are many available to buy online and have delivered to your door, so your idyllic bed plans do not need to stop here. To find a top rated mattress in a box take a look at the selection from

A good night’s sleep starts with the right bed

Bed frame

You’ll need a sturdy base on which to lay your mattress and a bed frame certainly offers you the chance to give your room a truly luxurious look. Opt for a velvet studded upholstered bed with a high headboard for that really opulent look or if you fancy something sleek and modish, go for it, you can really let your personal style shine through here. Just make sure it is a good quality bed frame that doesn’t make a noise every time you turn over in the night and it is big – the bigger the bed the better.


From goose down to memory foam and hypoallergenic to neck support pillows, this one comes down to personal choice. Some like to stack up three pillows and sink in, while others need one firm support pillow to take them to the land of nod. Whichever type of pillow gives you the utmost comfort, go for it, just be sure to use a pillow protector to keep these in top-notch condition for longer.

Some like to stack up three pillows and sink in, while others need one firm support pillow to take them to the land of nod


Whether it’s made with merino wool or Hungarian goose down in a nine or 13.5 tog, there’s a supremely comfortable duvet out there for you. Perhaps you like to be cosied up in the warmest of environments, weighed down by your duvet, or a simple, thin covering will do, just make sure it’s decked out with the finest Egyptian cotton covers, and that goes for your pillowcases and bedsheets too.

Extra cosiness

To really take the level of luxury up a few notches it’s important to consider those added extras that will round off your sleeping experience perfectly. Grab yourself a goose down mattress topper and you really will feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, especially if you have opted for the best 10-inch mattress or 12-inch mattress to line your bed with. Up the cosy factor further with a throw across the bed, whether you’re reading before you snooze or you need a little extra warmth in the night, this will add an additional degree of cosiness. Extra cushions and pillows to decorate the bed will look oh-so inviting as well and consider mixing up the textures to give yourself the comfiest spot in the house.